Chapter 1.19 – Birthday girl

Feeling giddy for the remainder of the week Equinus lives in the hope he will be able to fulfill more of his serial romantic aspirations soon. Though at this very moment he has other matters to think about first for little Agnes celebrates her birthday and will be wandering into her teens already.

02-14-16_12-35-07 PM.png

Her parents have surely been noticing Agnes is getting ready for the next phase in life. Jade has seen her wandering off often with playmates, though lately, she hangs out a lot with a particular classmate she really seems to get along with.

02-07-16_10-59-31 PM.png

Whenever Agnes is out playing on the jungle gym and sees Rory passing by, she is out the gate to greet him.

02-18-16_12-02-43 AM

Equinus has spotted Agnes cloud gazing with Rory several times now when coming home from work and he is not too happy about it. Equinus wants to keep his girl close and out the hands of boys, no matter how seemingly innocent.

02-17-16_5-57-15 PM.png

The bond Equinus has with Agnes is a very good one, though. Whenever she wants to goof around she knows where to find her father and she knows he loves it.

02-17-16_11-58-38 PM.png

Agnes knows just how to play her dad. She always gets him to grant her a second portion of anything, get her new sunglasses or whatever else may have her fancy.

02-17-16_11-57-07 PM.png

Nothing is too crazy for Equinus when his darling daughter is concerned. That is also why he is stressed about her turning into a teen without having her mother around in the Manor.

Jade sure knows what she is saddling him up with, Equinus thinks without ever admitting as much. Having a teen girl around when he’s trying to talk his way into romantic matters with other ladies then Agnes’ mom isn’t something he’s looking forward to.

As much as Equinus is dreading a situation in the manor without Agnes’ mom around, he knows Jade will still be there for the both of them. He is relieved that Jade has already offered to be the one to talk to Agnes about her parents’, hopefully temporary, break-up when the girls go to Eva next weekend. Equinus realizes that he will never find a lady as good as Jade; he idolizes her just as he idolizes little Agnes. He loves spending time with his little princess; even helping her with her homework whenever he gets the chance to.

02-18-16_12-38-33 AM.png

Equinus wants to be a good parent to Agnes. He knows what life can do to a child when lacking in that department and he is set on being the best parent he can be; within his own limitations of course. And that is exactly why he comes home early today and is the one to bake Agnes’ a birthday cake.

02-18-16_12-44-16 AM

Equinus cooking skills have become quite impressive after spending many hours in this now so familiar kitchen. For Agnes’ birthday, he has baked an excellent strawberry cake befitting his princess.

Jade has made the arrangements for a huge celebration with music, dancing, drinks and guests. The entire partihaus club and all their friends are invited to the party. Agnes gets to play and frolic with her friends without it getting messy since Jade arranged the celebrations to take place in the nearby park. That even though, as a lifelong incentive to Equinus for signing the contract of his late uncle Kurzol, every single service provided at the manor is free. Equinus read that recently in the fine print of his contract while combing through it. “But that will not stop my precious neat freak.” Equinus giggles inwardly over Jade’s fussiness.

When the cake is finished, Equinus freshens up and gets dressed for the party. Jade is already at the park preparing for the party with her partihaus friends. As soon as Equinus is dressed, he grabs the cake and collects Agnes to head to the park together. When they’ve arrived and greet everyone attending the party, Agnes is off to play with her friends.

02-18-16_1-18-23 AM.png

The following afternoon is filled with drinks, laughter, and happiness though underneath the surface the attendants can tell there is some tension building between Equinus and Jade. Equinus thinks this has to do with all the women attending the party.

02-18-16_1-17-53 AM.png

Even Latoya is invited by Jade. Equinus wonders why and at first, he is startled when he spots Latoya there but sets aside any romantic aspirations he might have in that direction. Today is all about his little girl’s birthday. When it’s time to blow out the candles all friends and family gather around the picknick tables.

02-18-16_1-23-47 AM.png

As the flames on the candles die out after Agnes has blown them with all her might, the light becomes a part of her and transforms the little girl into that blossoming teen she has been looking forward to meeting.

02-18-16_1-28-17 AM.png

Equinus can’t believe his eyes as he witnesses Agnes’ transformation. The first thing father and daughter do after Equinus congratulates his daughter is hug and commemorate the moment with a selfie.

02-18-16_1-34-47 AM.png

Immediately afterward Agnes mentions to Equinus that she will not be seen with those glasses in public ever again. She tells her dad she will get proper lenses after school the next day.

After a proper round of shopping done with Jade at the mall, Agnes is happy with her new look and lenses. The confidence is radiant. She is now comfortable with showing herself to the world and believe me when I say, she is letting the simmunity of Willow Creek know it!

03-05-16_1-56-16 PM.png

Equinus, on the other hand, is feeling more and more powerless when laying eyes on his beautiful teen. He just hopes he can keep the boys at bay.

A/N With the help of the trait generator Agnes turns into a teen with the following characteristics: The Fabulously Wealthy aspiration paired with the foodie and self-assured traits; making her a little bit of both her mom and dad in more than one way, by the looks of it 😀


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