Chapter 1.18 – Love conquers all?

On a work day at dinner, when Agnes is already excused from the table to do her homework, Equinus gives Jade a glance. It has again been a couple of days they talked things over. He desperately wants to talk about his pressing matters again. Equinus feels her time is up so he drops the hammer on Jade right then and there.

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“Honeybee, I need to know where we stand. We can not continue like this and I feel I have given you all the room to see where you are at. Can you give me the room to try and find a, so you will, surrogate mom, conceive an heir or two and fulfill some of my aspirations before I turn into an elderly? Or would you care to live with me and Agnes in a more humble home? When you choose the latter it is fair to both of us; neither of us will ever completely fulfill our aspirations then, but we will be together. I can happily live with that if you can.” Equinus is unsure how Jade will react, he can only hope and he does so from the bottom of his heart, her answer will include him.

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“Oh my, big goof, I’ve found I can be a tad jealous, yes. But I also am the type of girl, and you know it, who wants fancy cars and high-end parties. Yet I do not know if seeing you with other women, let alone knowing another woman is pregnant with your baby will do me any good. The prospect of leading a mediocre life, on the other hand, I don’t fancy either.” Jade explains.

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“You know what?” Jade then continues hesitantly… “Maybe it is best if I try to give you the space and time you need to solve our problems. I just can not be here in the manor to witness this. You understand that, don’t you? It would break my heart in two. Let me leave the manor when things are good between us; I will be out your hair but will stay in touch, okay, big goof?” She looks at Equinus with love in her eyes as the tears in the corners of her eyes well up. This tells Equinus this must be true love.

Equinus leans in and kisses Jade on a whim. She returns his kiss and they stay in a warm embrace for several moments. Jade then continues talking confidently: “My belongings are still at Factory One; I still have a room there. Let me get in touch with Eva and then I and Agnes will head over there next weekend after Agnes’ birthday to catch up ánd clean up while we spend some girl time there.”

Before Equinus answers, Jade can tell it is not setting in just yet. “Does that mean that you are still willing to give us a try?” Equinus asks Jade with obvious hope and some disbelief trembling in his voice.

“I will give this one more try if you agree to my terms. I will take my residency at Factory One for the time being. If you are able to get two ladies pregnant in a short period of time and are able to marry me afterward and be done with it, you have my blessing. I think I owe you that much,” Jade explains.

“You are however going to be the perfect gentleman to both me and them during any pregnancy. The mother-to-be may be living here in the manor while she carries a child for I know you will want that. No romantic interactions whatsoever though after impregnating a woman because, well…,” Jade pauses before she continues stringently: “I would love to see you drop the mothers like a stone as soon as they give birth to your heirs. I don’t ever want to see you flirting with anyone else but me afterward. Any birthday of the boys will be celebrated elsewhere and of course, the mother gets to see her son on a regular base. What do you think about that?” She sounds hesitant when she asks his opinion yet severe enough to make sure Equinus can’t argue any of her conditions.

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Equinus merely nods in agreement as he thoughtfully takes another bite of his meal. Jade continues: “If you indeed agree to these terms, I will try and keep my jealousy in check. Though as soon as I find out you are not being a total gentleman to me…,” Jade says somewhat arrogantly, “I will be out the door permanently! Because I will not be treated that way to just be kept on some leash. Then I truly want to lavish in luxury for the remainder of our days and if you can not provide soon enough, I will find someone who will.” With these bold words, Jade gets up to clean the dishes and leaves the table. Equinus gets up from his chair too and mentions he will be at Viela’s for a drink. He needs to talk to his best friend and lawyer. This time Jade simply nods and thus Equinus kisses her and heads out the door.

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“I can make this work, HA!” Relieved that Jade is not giving up on him yet, Equinus can’t help but feel overjoyed as he walks upstairs. He calls his best friend and heads out the door soon after. Viela is thrilled to hear the news and promises Equinus he will look into the possibilities of marrying Jade after two male heirs are birthed; he doesn’t foresee a problem if Equinus is able to put that much effort in before Equinus’ elderly birthday.

Though Viela also mentions he is not at all certain that Jade will overcome her jealousy, he supports his friend. Viela is ever so anxious to find out whether this works well with Jade and whether Equinus will be that one hit wonder he needs to be to find two ladies willing to birth him sons without any further commitments promised. Equinus is excited too but he is also concerned about the possible outcomes and the weight resting on his shoulders.

When Equinus gets home, he is in for a pleasant surprise. He finds Jade in the bathroom adjoining their bedroom in a very enticing mood. She is calling for him from the hot tub. Equinus is all too eager to get in with her. As soon as Equinus joins her, she seduces him. Equinus realizes he has missed Jade’s warm naked body rubbing against his skin when her panties drop to the bathroom floor and she is left naked before him. He can’t help but wonder what has gotten into her after weeks of holding things offish with him, but he accepts the offer to woohoo all too eager.

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As the two are entwined in each other’s arms, Equinus feels on top of the world once more.


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.18 – Love conquers all?

    1. Twiggy says:

      Seeing that afternoon in the pool , you are completely right, sabreene! And thank you, that must help. Equinus will have to be keeping an eye on more then merely his own desires. 😉

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      1. Twiggy says:

        Thank you for reading and commenting this male prettacy, Virtualee! I am surely flattered by your lovely comments and likes. It find it an absolute pleasure to play, write and share this story so there will be more to come soon!

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