Chapter 1.17 – The confrontation

The following week the family spends mostly working on filing reports and making homework. They go out and have fun together when they get the change, though. Jade, Equinus, and Agnes spend a wonderful afternoon out at the vonHaunt Estate for a family BBQ.

02-14-16_9-48-30 PM.png

Where Agnes just can’t seem to defeat Jade at the chess table. Agnes realizes she will definitely need some more practice and decides she will ponder some moves when they get home afterward as Equinus and Jade are working once again.

02-14-16_9-51-24 PM.png

So it is all work besides that wonderful afternoon. Jade doesn’t bring up the matter of the agreement again. She avoids every possible conversation in that direction. Equinus starts feeling insecure and remains mostly tense the remainder of the week. He doesn’t realize Jade is seriously doubting their relationship. She feels that Equinus’ proposal feels like coming second place. A feeling Jade can not live with. Yes, she wants to fulfill her aspiration, but is that worth a cheating husband? She can already feel passed by when Equinus spends most of his time with Agnes like he has done in the past week. She is certain he has been avoiding her just as much. But she is just not able to bring it up. She doesn’t want to lose her soulmate just yet. Especially not to another woman.

On the Sunday morning following Jade is already up and tidying the home when Equinus gets out of bed. Agnes comes to join Equinus, for her lunch and his breakfast, after playing in the yard. “The sun is shining really bright today, daddy. Can we go to the swimming pool? I don’t wanna swim inside today. Please daddy, can we go?” She asks thrilled.

02-14-16_8-49-57 PM.png

Equinus could do with some fun, so he happily grants the girl her wish. And so in the afternoon the family heads out to the community pool in Newcrest for another fun day out.

02-17-16_12-27-20 PM.png

When Agnes and Jade are still getting in their bathing suits, Equinus is already on the diving platform in serious need of some fun. He hasn’t noticed who is in the pool near him.

02-17-16_12-29-30 PM

When Equinus lands in the water, Latoya looks up in awe at the splash it gives. “Wow, that is quite impressive, Equinus”, she comments his cannonball. Startled by her presence, Equinus maneuvers himself out of the pool. He feels somewhat guilty for getting flirty as soon as he lays eyes on her in that bathing suit just as Agnes comes around the corner to join him at the poolside.

02-17-16_1-12-08 PM

Though this doesn’t seem to stop Equinus from doing anything stupid and out of pure frustration he throws a flirt in Latoya’s direction.

02-17-16_1-12-33 PM.png

Latoya initially responds very happily with his advances, though as soon as she gets a glimpse of a jealous Jade walking their way, she glares at him letting him know she is not amused at all.

02-17-16_1-22-57 PM.png

When Jade seats herself behind her and joins in the conversation, Latoya starts to look helpless, desperate even. Though Jade is set on keeping things civil. Jade merely makes a funny, somewhat sarcastic remark as she sits at the edge of the pool.

02-17-16_1-28-22 PM.png

Equinus has been feeling quite disappointed that Jade hasn’t brought up the subject of the agreement and how she feels about the whole matter. Therefore he imagines this is an opportune moment to see how far she is willing to go for his love and attention. We all know that this behavior is childish and immature, but Equinus can not help himself where those traits are concerned. He turns his attention to Jade to flirt with her too, but Jade lets herself slide into the pool and swims towards Agnes who is doing some laps before he is able to put a single word in. Equinus immediately notices that this is just not gonna fly with Jade. The couple’s romance and friendship immediately receive a blow on both sides from this single flirt Jade witnesses.

Equinus doesn’t understand at all. Jade is his soulmate as far as he will ever be able to call any sim that. He would never leave her for another woman. “Why doesn’t she get that? I would have a soccer team filled with our kids, but I just can’t if I want us to remain living in the Mezilkree Manor… I like it there and I know she does too! Why can’t she see this is the only way?’, he pities himself inwardly while looking at Latoya who is obviously saddened by this encounter too.

02-17-16_1-41-25 PM.png

Equinus feels bad for Latoya is a friend. He doesn’t want her to feel this way especially over something only he is to blame for. Feeling defeated he lets himself slide into the water and swims some laps to at least get some fun out of this outing.

02-17-16_1-55-37 PM.png

When he is finished with his swim, he sees the women are talking together. “Hopefully, this is a good thing,” he tries to convince himself. But he knows deep down this thought is futile. He thus gets out of the water and asks the girls to go home with him.

02-17-16_2-14-00 PM.png

On returning home there is an awkward silence between the family members the whole time. When at the manor Equinus whips up some leftovers and the family also eats in silence. Thankfully Agnes goes to bed happy after Equinus has read her a story. Then Equinus heads to his bedroom to finally get out of his swimwear.

When entering the bedroom he finds Jade hiding under the bed covers. He can hear her soft sobbing. He realizes he can’t just stay silent anymore at this point and will have to be the first to start communicating about what happened that afternoon. Feeling confident he can ease her mind, he carefully sits beside the bed on the ottoman and mentions her name ever so sweet before he continues to speak gently to her: “Jade, honeybee, is there anything I can do for you? I am sorry for testing you this afternoon, I truly am. I have just been feeling so disappointed; why haven’t we talked about that contract and my proposal this week? I want to be working on our future together. There is only a hurdle or two to overcome before we can be wed, don’t you see that? Jade, my dove, please?”

02-17-16_2-37-00 PM.png

First, there is no answer at all, just a continuation of her soft crying under the covers. Then Jade starts to speak in between her tears: “Oh my goof, I was ready to tell you today that I don’t want to be all that selfish. Your aspirations count too! We could give this a try. But when I saw you flirting with another woman, I was so jealous. And the funny part is, I encounter being flirted with all the time and expect you to be good with that. Heck, my friendship with Paolo is suffering from just that! He can never constrain himself from his flirty jokes. So I know I should be stronger than this! But that is just it, you flirted with her! It stung, big goof! But I am tired now. I want to get some sleep and think things over once more if you will let me.”

02-17-16_2-48-16 PM

Equinus wants to respect Jade, but they are going to need that talk about the future soon enough. For now, he is willing to honor her wish and thus both get in their pajama’s, share a kiss after each takes a side on their bed and gets to sleep.


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