Chapter 1.16 – Bear with me

As one can imagine, the following weekend and week to come, Equinus could be found in his study on the second floor. He spends nights in front of the fireplace there, looking through his contract with that clear set of rules. When he isn’t reading through the agreement, he’s searching the net for all sorts of information needed to forge his very own future. Jade checks up on him every now and then to hug, kiss or otherwise spoil him with refreshments and attention. Therefor he is set on finding a way to make sure his days won’t be troubled by too many obstacles; a way including his beloved Jade Rosa.

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When Equinus is certain that he has thought of every aspect and looked at it from every possible angle, he knows it is time to let Jade in on his findings. Without her help, he can not pull this off. The only question is now, does she still want to be in on it once Equinus has shared his predicament with her? He has gone home early today to prepare his speech for Jade. Agnes is on a play date with her friend Rory; they have the house to themselves for now. He walks downstairs confidently when he sees it’s time for Jade to come home from work.

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Equinus finds Jade outside the gate. She greets him with a sweet kiss on the neck. Equinus has to keep his composure though he can’t help but feel weak in the knees as her warm, red lips touch his skin. As they break free from their embrace, Equinus looks Jade in the eyes as he makes known to her that the two of them need a good talk.

He starts right off the bat and says: “You know I have been a bit preoccupied lately. I have been feeling tense about our future and you have been great in giving me space to think. Know my love, that I couldn’t do without you anymore. Believe this, even though I told you I don’t want to commit earlier on in our relationship. I wouldn’t know where i would be without you or Agnes for that matter. But there are this, as I see it, obstacles I have to deal with before you and I can truly be together forever. You see as long as I live in the Mezilkree Manor I am not allowed to marry just anyone.”

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“Hold on there, I am not just anyone! And we have Agnes together? I don’t understand what you are getting at. Why are you telling me this now? Shouldn’t you have told me this earlier!?!” Jade responds clearly offended and in serious need of more information. “Whoah, my precious, don’t go stampeding on me. I do not always choose my words carefully enough. Let my try and explain, my rose,” Equinus tries to prevent the conversation from derailing.

“When I moved in here I had to sign an agreement. I was told I had to have offspring but couldn’t marry anyone straight away if I wanted to live in the manor and enjoy my late uncle’s riches. I only just read the whole agreement front to back over the last week. Sorry, my dove, but well, it turns out I  should have read the agreement before signing it and am having a problem now that I find myself wanting to marry you. Go figure!” he tries to act as innocent as can be.

02-13-16_9-21-55 PM

Equinus direct approach seems to land now, but he is not certain Jade’s glare is a proper response. It seems the last bit of information is proving a bit too much for Jade. Maybe Equinus should have tried a different approach when mentioning the marriage part?

02-13-16_9-20-40 PM

Taking Jade by the hand, Equinus decides it is best to take Jade inside and so he carefully guides her up and down the stairs to the living room. When Jade starts talking again, she merely mentions she wants to freshen up. They walk downstairs together and take a shower. They are silent the entire time. When Jade gets back upstairs and sits down feeling very awkward about their previous conversation, Equinus decides to get some refreshments for the two to ease the situation before they continue to talk about the matter at hand.

02-14-16_3-00-05 PM.png

When the two are seated together again, Equinus starts explaining how the agreement states that, in order to maintain living off his late uncle’s riches, he needs a male heir or try at least five times to achieve this goal.

“Those five tries, so to speak, must be with five different ladies. Honestly, Jade, I didn’t make these rules nor am I happy with them, but it is what it is. Since you and I tried once already and were rewarded with our bright little girl, I hope you see my predicament here. I believe there might be a loophole, though; maybe I can marry you when I have at least two male children. Then an heir will be secured. I am having another meeting with Viela in the coming week to see if we can make it work that way. But I can not do without you.” Equinus ends his narrative, looking hopeful at Jade.

02-14-16_3-22-40 PM.png

“But big goof, then we just adopt! That would give you the certainty of a male heir. Then we could just love these boys as our own and continue to be happy, right?” Jade says relieved; certain she has found the answer to their problems.

“I wish it was that easy, sweetheart, but the heir is forced to carry on my genes. That would never be the case when we adopt, although I think it’s ever so sweet of you to mention adoption. No, if we want to live here for the rest of our lives, I am afraid the only way we will find an heir and honor the agreement with my uncle is to, well uh, you know?” Equinus says, with one eyebrow raised, looking very meaningful at Jade. Jade doesn’t need any clarification though she looks at Equinus as if she is in a daze; it seems she’s gone cross-eyed yet again.

02-14-16_3-32-20 PM

Equinus continues cunningly, hoping he strikes the right nerve and gets away with it: “My dove, I will buy you the biggest pearls I can find or whatever has your fancy. I will do anything for you, anything you want. For you, precious, I am even willing to invest in expanding the manor exactly to your liking and so fulfilling your aspirations. I and my fortune will be yours if you let me, Jade Rosa. Let me honor my late uncle’s wishes and fulfill both our aspirations in life.” he ends his argument on his right knee.

Jade gazes silently at Equinus some more as he sits back next to her. She then shakes her head and says with a smiling face of disbelief: “Okay, say maybe, just maybe, I buy into this nonsense. How in the world will you ever guarantee a male heir will be born? Or did you really think I would let you have numerous affairs in order to keep me happy here in the manor?”


“Well, I wouldn’t put it past you… And you could see others too.” Equinus says looking cheeky yet enticing at Jade. Jade can’t help but snicker at his childish arrogance or should we say ignorance?

“But without goofing around, bunny, I found the perfect answer to that. I already know of ways to stimulate the birth of a baby boy. Of all sims I remember these methods from my grandma. She was always bad mouthing my mother for not having a baby girl. According to gran, my mum insisted on having carrots and listening to alternative music during her pregnancy which made her have a boy. Grandma dislikes all children, but she would have rather seen I was born a girl so I would have been a more compliant worker and last but not least wouldn’t pass the Mezilkree name along. She believes I taint the family name with existence due to my mixed background, as she so lovingly used to put it. But without boring you any further with my past,” Equinus says, still hoping he can win Jade over, he enthusiastically ends sharing his findings: “I looked it up too and found these methods have been tried and tested positive many times before.”

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Jade is silent and looks troubled for some time after Equinus is done talking. She doesn’t want him to think she can just be wrapped around his finger. Though deep down she knows Equinus can be her lifelong companion; he knows how to make her laugh; feel wanted every single day.

Fulfilling her aspiration is also on her mind yet she makes Equinus feel he can’t start cheering just yet. For she does not know herself how she will feel once Equinus would actually start seeing someone else. “I will look into this myself in the coming days and will get back to you with any reservations I may have about this. You just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, mister, for I am high maintenance and you better make it worth my while!” Though when Jade utters these words stringently she crawls close to Equinus and can’t help but feel safe with his strong arms wrapped around her.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 1.16 – Bear with me

  1. Mastress Alita says:

    That expression on Jade’s face is so priceless.

    I’m curious, since Equinus only had four children, did he technically not fulfill the contract (challenge) requirements? (Which is five children from different mothers, if I’m reading this correctly?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Yes, I just love shotting that facial expression, thanks! haha Technically he cheated a lil since he isn’t allowed to marry after fathering five kids from different mothers but I figured that it didn’t really matter anymore just a few days before leaving the sims world after aging to elder.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Sorry for a perhaps somewhat later reply. Your message got lost in the spam section of this blog 😦
      Great to hear you like the website and thank you for the bookmark 😉 Enjoy your stay, always welcome to visit!


  2. Emily Anne says:

    That went pretty well! I hope these two can make it work… I have a feeling that it will be quite difficult. But I love them together so I am rooting for them!

    Liked by 1 person

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