Chapter 1.14 – A time to celebrate

Jade finds herself alone in the kitchen. All for the better, she can’t have Equinus walking in the way as she prepares today’s party. “I’ll need to clean up a little here,” Jade thinks when looking around the kitchen. “I want this place looking spotless. Ah, I should ask Equi to take the trash out when he gets up. And I’ll ask Viela to help me with the invitations for the party; being Equinus’ best friend.”


But before Jade start her list of chores, she bakes a hamburger cake. She just knows it will pleasantly surprise Equinus. She is wearing a big somewhat baffled smile though when the cake comes out of the oven looking good. Equinus normally does all the cooking around the house. When Equinus asks her occasionally if she wouldn’t mind making dinner, Jade always laughs cynically and replies: “Hun, an apron is NOT a fashion statement. I am not wearing one even if my life depended on it. And i can’t have my clothes get dirty,” so by now Equinus has stopped asking all together.

While the cake is cooling off, Jade starts with her cleaning spree after which she phones Viela. Equinus’ friend is happy to help with getting all the party people to the Mezilkree Manor on time. Jade hangs up when things are agreed between the two. She can’t help but feel a bit tired. She walks to the family room and lays down on the soft leather couch.

01-31-16_10-39-00 PM

It is then she feels her eyelids drop. Jade decides to take a nap, though she is soon woken up again by Agnes’ cries from downstairs. She raises to her feet and heads over to the nursery.

01-31-16_11-29-56 PM.png

Though it has been a small nap, it surely energizes Jade again. She can feel that as she bounces downstairs and swings the doors to the nursery open. It is then she is aware of the foul aroma filling the room. She walks over to Agnes and changes the dirty diaper. When looking at her baby Jade can’t help but wonder who the little girl will resemble most when growing up. It is already only a day away to Agnes’ birthday.

How time flies, Jade thinks when she checks to see if Equinus is willing to wake up yet. He always sleeps in every chance he gets. She is much more active then he is and pities him sometimes for being somewhat sluggish. As she walks in the bedroom, Equinus is already getting out of bed, though.

01-31-16_11-38-42 PM.png

“Ugh, I should really have gotten him a new pajama for his birthday instead of that cologne. I know Equi tries, but he dresses like a goof sometimes. His fashion sense sure isn’t the best out there,” she sighs inwardly while watching Equinus get dressed after which she gives him a big birthday hug.

Later that day the party is off to a good start. Guests are dropping by and enjoying all the well-displayed foods as well as the tunes coming from the jukebox. Jade even hires a bartender to keep the drinks coming. The Partihaus club is on a roll and doing what it does best; dancing with a beverage in hand.

Equinus himself has been too tired the last couple of days to really enjoy the party going on. His mind has kept him so preoccupied that he can barely keep his eyes open. He has been feeling tense with his tedious job recently. He even feels smothered quite often although he is absolutely crazy about Jade. Whenever she is in his vicinity, he feels butterflies still. Therefore it hasn’t colored his days too much, yet he can’t help but think about it more now that he is turning into an adult. He finds himself wondering sometimes whether it wouldn’t be the right thing to just marry Jade. He wouldn’t mind that at all, come to think of it. But in the back of his mind Equinus remembers he seems to have agreed not to marry via his contract. “Is that why Viela also invited Latoya and Candy to the party?” Equinus wonders. He decides he should have a talk with his best friend about all this when he goes to visit Viela later this week.

02-01-16_4-02-30 PM

When it is time to put the candles on the cake the hosts and guests gather around the dining table. Equinus makes a wish when the candles are lit. He hopes for a way to feel more excited about his day to day life without losing any income ór romance, for that matter. Equinus is enjoying his hamburger cake when Latoya takes the spot next to him on the couch. “Wow, she looks sexy in this skinny jeans.” Equinus finds himself thinking. Then Jade takes the spot on the other side of the sofa next to Equinus. He starts blushing. For a moment there he doesn’t know what to think or how to act.

02-01-16_4-05-42 PM

On realizing what thought just crossed his mind, Equinus freezes on the couch in between Jade and Latoya. He silently eats his cake while listening to the women happily chatting baby talk and couture. He can’t help his thoughts drifting off again. “Jade and i haven’t made love since the pregnancy. I wonder if she still fancies me.” Equinus doesn’t know where all this sudden insecurity is coming from. He is normally such a confident bloke; he shouldn’t feel so torn up either, he concludes. He has got everything he could ever want; including a girlfriend that is very much into him.

02-01-16_9-21-58 PM

Other then Equinus’ wavering feelings the birthday party is a success. The club has another great gathering and food, drinks and music are abundant. Both Equinus and Jade hope tomorrows birthday party for young Agnes will be as good although they plan to keep that a bit more civilized so to speak, for the little one of course.

The next day Equinus and Jade greet their friends once again when celebrating Agnes’ birthday. It turns out to be another fun packed club gathering.

02-02-16_1-13-15 AM

Agnes turns into a confident little girl in the midsts of all the day’s laughter and dancing. She eagerly joins in and starts dancing with a confidence as big as her mothers’. She even moves as gracefully as Jade. On the other hand, Agnes clearly inherits some facial features from Equinus.

02-06-16_11-08-34 PM.png

Agnes’ aspiration is to be a rambunctious scamp. When she is eating her cake she is already thinking of asking her dad to go play outside immediately after she is done.

02-02-16_1-18-23 AM.png

Equinus looks up from his cake when Agnes is standing in front of him and asks him to play outside. He gives her a warm smile and accepts. Hand in hand they walk out and have fun playing in the yard. The two totally loose track of time. They are only reminded when Jade stands in front of the two and says: “The guests have already gone home, dears. I’m heating some leftovers from yesterdays party if you are thinking of having dinner this evening.” Both Equinus and Agnes look up to Jade and seem surprised to already see the sun behing Jade starting its retreat to let the moon have it’s turn.

02-07-16_9-12-18 PM.png

Jade looks at her beloved with the most forgiving smile when they get up to follow her. She adores it how both dad and his offspring are so alike.


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 1.14 – A time to celebrate

  1. sabreene says:

    Equinus’s face when he was sitting between Jade and Latoya was priceless! I don’t think you could’ve captured a better expression. They have such a nice little family going, I’m nervous for the future with that agreement he signed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Simsophonique says:

    Congratulations on both father and daughter’s birthday. But what the ridiculous contract he has signed? Make children, stays with your girlfriend forever and not to marry her. Plus he caught Latoya’s eye and he is so insecure about Jade and him don’t woohoo for a certain time, and when a man feels insecure with sex, he can easily see elsewhere. His couple is in danger despite the happy atmosphere around.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Simsophonique says:

        When I understand a story (and fortunately some I barely understand them so I read them but commented a few and some I am totally inside except some two or three stuffs I can’t translate myself ) I slay it ^^. I am dread reader but an abomination at writter especially in English. Yours is for now the second camp.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Emily Anne says:

    Aww! I am so glad that Equinus has taken so well to fatherhood. That last part with them playing outside was just so sweet. And Agnus grew up into such a pretty young girl! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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