Chapter 1.13 – Brand new baby

Jade enters the third trimester of their pregnancy. It has been tense in and around the Mezilkree Manor with a hormonal Jade walking around the home and Equinus working hard on getting another promotion at work.

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When Jade starts her first day of maternal leave she finds Equinus upstairs when waking up. He has prepared them a nice breakfast. One Jade can actually enjoy now the morning sickness is no longer thwarting her. Equinus even spends some time baking early in the morning. When they are enjoying their brownies after breakfast, Jade asks Equinus why he is not getting ready for work. 

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“Sweetheart, I am not leaving your side until that baby is born! I have the hospital on speed dial, you know. Everything will be just fine.” Equinus responds. Probably more to reinforce himself than to really reassure Jade. At this point, he is one bundle of high-strung nerves packed together over the impending birth of his firstborn. To distract both him and Jade he invites the partihaus members for a club gathering that day. The club members all spend some time dancing and having fun. Though Jade is feeling tired and excuses herself early in the evening.

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When Equinus has cleaned up after everyone has left, he goes downstairs to join Jade in the bedroom. Only to find Jade, not in bed where he expects her to be.

01-24-16_1-49-17 AM.png

He walks over to her side of the bed, opens the covers, lifts Jade from the ground and lays her in bed. Before he turns to change into his pajama, he gently kisses Jade on the forehead. When he lays next to her, he watches her and the huge bulge under the blankets. He thinks of his baby growing inside her and the love he seems to feel for the unborn without even meeting it yet. Just like his mother mentioned in the letter to his uncle when she’d been pregnant. And with that comforting thought, Equinus dozes off.

It is very early the following morning when Jade wakes Equinus up and says: “Babe, we are having the baby, NOW.” Equinus shoots out of bed straight away. In a total panic, he runs up and down before thinking of grabbing his phone. He calls the hospital to let it be known that they are on their way over. Equinus is as tense as can be, but is able to grab the things needed and takes Jade to the hospital.

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When they arrive at the hospital doctor Clarke is already standing by. Equinus thinks Jade is acting too cool under the whole ordeal. “She even seems overly friendly to the doctor, and that in her condition!” Equinus thinks, somewhat neglected.

01-24-16_2-08-23 AM.png

This feeling might also be instigated by the fact that the doctor is very easy on the eyes. After checking her in, Jade is immediately lead into the delivery room by doctor Clarke.

01-24-16_2-13-14 AM.png

The whole labor is really getting to Equinus at this point. In a matter of minutes, he is to meet his firstborn. When Equinus thinks he is about to pass out, he hears doctor Clarke say: “Congratulations, Jade, Equinus, here is your little baby girl.”

01-24-16_2-17-22 AM.png

Both Jade and Equinus have agreed that the girl will be named after Equinus’ mother, Agnite Mezilkree. “Welcome to this world, Agnes!”, the loving pair greets her as Jade takes the baby in her arms. “Let me take you home, my ladies, and take good, good care of you.” Equinus says gloating at Agnes while holding her as Jade gets ready to return to the manor.

The following days are spent in a beat down bliss. The proud new parents are ecstatic over the birth of their baby girl even though they don’t get a decent night sleep. Equinus adores Agnes and is determined to put in the biggest effort when it comes to raising his little girl.

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On Friday Equinus comes home from work to find Jade napping on a chair by Agnes’ crib. He wakes her up telling her that he will prepare dinner for the two of them. When Jade follows Equinus upstairs she joins him in the kitchen with a drink soon after. Jade mentions that Viela came by around lunchtime to see the baby and congratulate her. “Oh, hun, before I forget. Viela also mentioned he would like to hang out with you tonight at his regular club. He asked me to tell you to meet him there.” Jade informs Equinus. She continues by telling Equinus she is exhausted and that she will stay home with Agnes that evening. “But you are free to go out of course!”, she concludes. And thus Equinus cleans the dishes, kisses his girls after freshening up and takes the trash out when leaving for the Classy Moon in Newcrest.


The two friends do some catching up on work and such while busting a few moves on the dance floor and smooching with the ladies. Equinus is having a blast and even befriends a certain lady sim, called Latoya. She really seems to have the hots for him. Equinus, on the other hand, is far too much into his girls at home and not as much in a flirting mood this evening. That doesn’t stop Equinus exchanging his number with Latoya when she gives him her phone number. Before heading home Equinus and Viela already under the influence order a last nightcap at the bar.

01-31-16_12-34-25 AM

Viela shares some blurred pointers and tips on how to make good simoleons and tells Equinus he should stop by his place next week to share some more ideas. Equinus is hyped after this guys’ night out and goes home feeling inspired and energized. When he has arrived at the manor he finds Jade awake in the nursery talking to Agnes.

01-31-16_1-01-16 AM.png

Jade mentions she has just breastfed the little princess. Equinus heads to bed. Jade, however, starts the preparations for Equinus’ adult birthday tomorrow…


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