Chapter 1.12 – Romancing the stone

Equinus takes Jade to the Bluffs the following weekend. Marcus tells him on the last gathering that the views there are breathtakingly beautiful. It shall be the perfect place to spend a romantic time with his sweetheart.

01-17-16_12-52-53 AM.png

Jade and Equinus enjoy a fantastic afternoon together while swimming and chatting at the bonfire as the sun is setting.

After spending a great date at the Bluffs, the couple goes to Jade’s at Factory One.

Equinus and Jade share their first woohoo together at Jade’s place. The two have bonded even more now than they already did and have become very good and véry intimate friends in the process. They say goodnight with a warm embrace as Equinus heads home.

A couple days later Equinus invites Jade for dinner at the manor. Equinus now knows his way around the kitchen pretty well and makes them a lovely, homemade meal. Jade accepts the invitation even though she mentions she is feeling a little nauseous. When she arrives, she smiles and helps Equinus clean after his marvelous work in the kitchen.

01-17-16_2-54-29 AM.png

They share a candlelit dinner in the dining room. The jukebox in the living is turned on. The mood is as romantic as can be once again.

01-17-16_2-57-09 AM

Equinus adores Jade and loves the time they spend together. When she blows him a kiss, Equinus feels his heart skipping a beat and doing a little dance. It is then he can’t restrain himself, on a whim he asks Jade to move into the manor. Jade looks at him seemingly surprised. Yet she only smiles and says: “Let me think about this for a moment, Equinus.”

Somewhat confused Equinus tries to take his mind of the question for now for he is not one to intrude. He suggests taking a relaxing sauna. They get up from their seats and walk down the hall. It is then Jade grabs Equinus and gives him the sweetest kiss on the cheek.

01-17-16_3-09-35 AM

“Yes, my big goof, you think I wouldn’t? Ha, I would love to move in here! Though I will keep most of my stuff stored at Factory One, if u don’t mind? No need to haul that over when you already have everything we need here, right. I’ll just fetch some personal things tomorrow. Oh, let me text Eva to tell her the news! She can inform Paolo and Marcus. Ieh, I am so excited, Equinus!” Totally hyped Jade follows Equinus to the sauna fully focused on her smartphone.

As soon as Equinus and Jade are in the sauna, Equinus can’t help but feel he might have jumped off the deep end again too soon. Torn over the oath to his late uncle for the need to eventually raise offspring, he realizes he should have as much fun as he can before children present themselves. The act of propagation is really alluring, though. “Especially sitting next to this goddess of youth, this confident woman. She makes me feel stronger then I might actually be, it feels so good.”


As his thought roam Equinus blows his girl a kiss, leans in and tells her what is on his mind. Well, at least part of it, that is.


Jade reacts very alluring and thus more steam quickly starts building up in the room. When the steam starts to evaporate again, Jade and Equinus spend a while longer chatting in the sauna before they head to the bedroom together.

01-22-16_12-45-15 AM.png

Equinus gives Jade a shirt of his late uncle that he could never fit into even if he tried. It looks good on Jade, Equinus can’t help but think when he takes a good look at her. Young Equinus is again taken over by his longing for Jade.

01-22-16_12-48-42 AM.png

Ah, sweet young love. Equinus remains wonderfully confident for the remainder of that weekend, but Jade, however, feels nauseous the entire time. Early in the morning on Monday before Equinus is awake she gets out of bed feeling sick again.

01-22-16_12-55-26 AM.png

She runs off to the bathroom and tells herself, after soiling the toilet, that there is no need anymore to stop by the pharmacy for a pregnancy test before heading to work today. She is convinced that Equinus and she are expecting.

01-22-16_12-58-30 AM.png

Though she really loves to spend her days in a manor like this, being the mansion baron she is, Jade doubts whether getting pregnant so soon was really convenient for her. But nothing she can change now, she realizes. Jade decides to tell Equinus later today. She has already gone to work when Equinus gets out of bed, ready for another week at the office. After work, Jade indeed shares the big news with Equinus.

01-22-16_3-11-14 AM.png

He is thrilled to hear of the pregnancy. Equinus shows Jade the nursery and assures her he will be there for her every step of the way. Though inwardly he is not sure how he will hold up, but he is definitely willing to give it his best.

Later that week Equinus informs Jade he is stopping by Viela to hang out for a bit before coming home from work. He promises Jade to cook for her when he is back at the manor. When Equinus tells his friend of the developments of the past weeks, Viela reacts very excitedly.

01-22-16_1-53-31 AM.png

“There you go, man, that means a firstborn is on its way! What fantastic news. Do keep me posted on the pregnancy, will you? But for now, congratulations are due, I am so happy for the both of you!” After a small pause, Viela continues: “Do you think she will make a good parent, Equinus?”

“Sure, why not, I guess so. And come on, I don’t even know what kind of parent I will turn out to be. It is not like I had any example to be proud of or look up to when growing up. Well, besides my uncle Kurzol, that is.” Equinus answers. Then Viela responds: “I believe you will do just fine, Equinus. I know a bit of your lineage. And yes, I admit, it sure is something else. But believe me when I say it is not all bad. Your ancestors hold some very special and unique beings, that is for sure.” When Equinus asks Viela to tell him more, the lawyer answers apologetic: “Sorry, mate, I can’t. I have strict orders and, for now, at least, you are on a need to know basis only. I wish I could tell you more because I like you, but I just can’t.” Equinus decides to leave it at that for the time being.

01-22-16_1-51-11 AM.png

Thus the men finish their game of chess…


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