Chapter 1.11 – Be my girl

The night at the Ruins is a real treat to Equinus. The scenery is breathtaking. Very much in the open outdoors though without feeling trapped in some dark forest. Equinus enjoys a wonderful night. He shares good laughs and becomes good friends with Viela. In such a short time already and last but surely not least Equinus’ prospects with Jade are looking really positive.

01-16-16_9-03-30 PM.png

Equinus and Jade have spent most of the night at the Ruins talking since the DJ’s skills didn’t invite the two to really bust some moves. They’re already friends now be it with a clearly deeper interest in each other.

After work on Monday Equinus is filling out his reports when he again finds himself wondering on the idea of having Jade as a girlfriend. She is so ambitious and outgoing. Like him she is young and loves to dance and above all Equinus thinks she is very beautiful, something he is not. As Equinus is done with work, he walks to the bathroom and realizes he is in a very romantic mood. It is at that point in time that he gets a call from Jade. She invites him over to her place.

2016-01-16 (1).png

As Equinus accepts her invitation, he replies smiling feeling very sure of himself. He replies. “What a coincidence, gorgeous! I was just thinking about romancing you this evening.” He hears a giggle on the other end of the line. “You silly, you sure know how to make a lady feel wanted,” she answers still giggling like a schoolgirl. As Equinus freshens up he thinks he will definitely ask Jade to be his girl tonight. When Equinus arrives Jade is already waiting for him outside.

01-16-16_10-30-34 PM.png

As they walk in she tells him that she and the other partihaus club members are living here at Factory One. Equinus says hello to Marcus, Paolo, and Eva. The club has a great surprise gathering and spends time at the arcades while catching up.

01-16-16_10-37-22 PM.png

When Jade’s  excuses herself while walking seductively to another room. She gives Equinus a meaningful look. Equinus can’t help but follow her like a young puppy. The swaying of her hips, the bouncing of her beautiful behind mesmerizes him. He follows Jade into an adjacent bedroom.

01-16-16_10-39-16 PM.png

Equinus is happy to have her alone in a room for once, all to himself. This is the time to ask her to be his girlfriend.

01-16-16_10-40-55 PM

01-16-16_10-41-47 PM

01-16-16_10-42-44 PM

It is right after she accepts that the two lovebirds share a careful first kiss. Equinus is still set on taking things slow. In order to remain the gentleman he has been to Jade so far, he kisses her goodnight. “I hope to see you again somewhere this week. Keep in touch, babe.” He tries to stay cool but on the insides, the puppy is chasing its tail in sheer happiness.

The next morning Equinus feels happier than he has ever before. Maybe for the first time he can even remember, he feels truly happy. His mouth isn’t as small and depressing as it is normal. The corners of his lips are not pointing towards the ground. Yes, Equinus is wearing a smile and it is visible too!

01-16-16_11-15-29 PM.png

If he keeps this mood up he will have an excellent day at the firm. His job performance was already outstanding and with this apparent charisma, there is nothing standing in his way. At the office, he runs into the CEO in the elevator and has some small talk with him to find he is a very decent man, knew his late uncle too.

When arriving back from lunch, Equinus hears he needs to report to his office manager immediately about an opening for an assistant. Once there the office manager acknowledges to Equinus that he needs a new assistant. The office manager has seen the efforts Equinus has put in and offers him the position. Equinus is very pleased and kindly accepts the office manager’s offer. Not a moment too late for Equinus already feels the weight of his next bills in the mailbox at the manor.

01-16-16_11-37-52 PM.png

When sorting the bills a call from Paolo comes in. The club is meeting at the Narwhal Arms. Equinus deserves a night out after his promotion, thus he accepts and travels to Windenburg. Paolo stops Equinus as the rest walk inside the Narwhal Arms. “I hear you have hooked up with Jade. Congrats and I hope you and her have good times together and all though I don’t want it to get in the way of her duties as a club leader. Equinus reacts clearly upset and tries not to let this get to him. He merely tells Paolo he is not pleased to hear him doubt Jade like that and then follows the other members inside.

01-16-16_11-47-12 PM.png

Once inside Equinus buys his fellows a drink and they celebrate his promotion at Dewey, Cheatem and Howe Inc. The club has a great time that night talking about the rubbish of modern day politics and the importance of the free press.


Though Equinus keeps an eye on Paolo. He doesn’t trust him and won’t let anyone get in the way of his relationship with Jade or her happiness. If need be he will let any sim who does, know this straight away. But thankfully the mood stays pretty lighthearted for the remainder of the evening.

01-17-16_12-00-19 AM.png

Equinus is on his way home after the gathering when he decides to invite Jade on a date later that week.

01-17-16_12-23-46 AM

He’ll make sure the date will be as romantic as can possibly be, he thinks to himself. Jade in the meantime lets Equinus know she is very much looking forward to it…


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13 thoughts on “Chapter 1.11 – Be my girl

  1. Emily Anne says:

    Hmmm Paolo… are you really concerned about the club or maybe it is a hint of jealousy? *taps chin* Either way, I am so glad that Eeq and Jade are happy!! And am glad that he isn’t letting other peoples opinions get in the way of that.

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