Chapter 1.10 – Let’s dance

Equinus has agreed to meet again with Viela at the Classy Moon on Friday night. In the morning Equinus already feels excited about the prospect of going out dancing again that evening. When he gets back from work, he starts watering the plants and harvesting the vegetables as he enters the conservatory. His fridge is fully stocked with produce so he decides to start selling the harvest. This should help him with supplementing his spending money to go out on the town every now and then.

01-14-16_3-18-53 PM.png

When the gardening is done, Equinus decides to grab a quick meal and get ready. As soon as he is finished, the doorbell rings. It is mister Viela coming to pick Equinus up. When the men arrive at the nightclub and head up to the first floor, little do they know, but guess who enters the door?

01-14-16_6-35-51 PM

Equinus buys a round for the two men. He gets a drink to Viela first and then turns back to the bar to get his own beer. He takes a sip before heading back and spotting Jade there.

01-14-16_9-00-00 PM.png

“Play it cool, just stay cool, Equinus! You can do this. I am just taking a spin on the dance floor. See if she secretly watches me from the side too as I dance.”, Equinus tries to steady himself while he steps on the dance floor and starts doing his thing.

01-14-16_9-14-25 PM.png

Equinus and Viela have fun dancing and it shows.

01-14-16_9-15-44 PM.png

Not long after both him and Viela are having fun talking to female company. Equinus is happy his tactics seem to be working on Jade.

01-14-16_9-19-08 PM

Though when the night is coming to a close and Maaike walks up to join in the conversation, Equinus feels it is time to go. He and Maaike turn out not to be a good match at all. The last thing Equinus needs now is any sort of embarrassing situations.

01-14-16_9-30-29 PM.png

Equinus takes Jade’s hand and kisses her goodbye. Since Viela is striking up a great conversation with someone, Equinus merely pats him on the back and says: “I’ll see you again next Friday, Viela!”.

01-14-16_9-44-02 PM.png

With the sun already coming up, Equinus takes his aching feet to the taxi stand. All he wants to do now is have a beauty sleep at the manor.

01-14-16_10-03-08 PM.png

The next day Equinus gets up, has breakfast and then takes a bath. He needs to think of his approach from here. “I know I am starting to win Jade’s heart, I know I am! It none the less hurts seeing her being flirted with by other men. Because, yes, she is gorgeous!?! I mean, who wouldn’t want to flirt with her? I have to toughen up! Let it not get to me.”, he ponders about his developing romance with Jade while enjoying a relaxing soak.

01-14-16_10-09-07 PM.png

“I know what I must do. I’ll try to get some more age appropriate attire. Why don’t I text Viela to see if he has any advice? He dresses sharp enough, he must be able to help out. I’ll have a look in the dressers here.”, Equinus decides and with that he realizes there is still more manor to explore for him anyway. He can do that before he starts filling out his reports for Monday. He wants to get those out of his system also. When he thinks he has enough chores on his to-do list for the day, he climbs out of the bath, throws a towel on and goes downstairs.

01-14-16_10-52-32 PM.png

When he is checking his wardrobe, Equinus receives a text back from Viela. His advice is to not make a big deal out of his attire. Uptight is a good look for work or formal, but let go, Equinus, like he has already told Equinus before.

On finding a new outfit Equinus is content with, he takes a good look in the mirror. “Ok, not looking uptight at least, but should I start doing something about this expanding waste?”, he wonders while he watches himself bust a move in front of the mirror.

01-14-16_11-06-33 PM.png

“Maybe I will practice some dance moves… later today.”, Equinus concludes with a big grin as he walks into the hall to explore the other rooms on the lowest basement floor. First, he enters the room across the hall. Bouncing bunnies are depicted on the wall outside of the room. When Equinus opens the door he steps right into the nursery.

01-14-16_11-24-15 PM.png

Thinking he will, hopefully soon enough, see a lot more of this room then he can imagine, he heads out the door again on the other side of the room. The remainder of the hallway holds the entrance to several themed children’s bedrooms, a game room, kids’ entertainment room and a bathroom.

01-14-16_11-41-37 PM

01-14-16_11-41-22 PM

01-14-16_11-50-25 PM.png

After looking through the rooms on the floor, Equinus feels confident he knows his way around the manor well enough for now. He heads upstairs for an early dinner. Right, then Equinus receives a call from Viela. He asks him if he wants to tag along for a party at the Ruins in Windenburg. Equinus accepts and meets the lawyer after a bite to travel to Windenburg, though not after he gives the Partihaus club members a heads up on the party also.

01-15-16_12-19-32 AM.png

They all agree to meet for a gathering at the Ruins.


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 1.10 – Let’s dance

  1. sweetnightingale H. says:

    I simply adore that house! I love how we get to see more and more of it as Equinus makes new discoveries. The nursery is so cute. 🙂 I always have to grin when I see those lift sized toys. They’re absolutely adorable. 🙂 Totally can’t wait for the Kids’ Room Stuff on Tuesfay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Totally agreed, I’m so getting the new stuff pack 🙂 and thank you, great to hear you like the house, sweetnightingale! I used to have it up in the Gallery but removed it. I still need and want to rebuild it since some of the rocks wont stick in place anymore after one of the patches.


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