Chapter 1.9 – In da haus

Wednesday after work there is nothing special waiting for Equinus. When lazying about, he has a closer look at the doll houses in the yard and plays around with some dolls till he realizes he should make supper and fill out his reports for the day.

01-13-16_12-28-42 AM.png

Equinus knows tomorrow will bring the bills in although he sincerely hopes the day brings him a promotion first. He feels burdened by the weight on his shoulder to maintain this huge manor, but he is sure he will find a way to make his allowance last a long time. Might as well put his garden to good use while he is at it, he reckons. Therefore he thinks of selling some of the grown vegetables from his garden: “What a marvelous idea! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”, he praises himself.

And then his phone is buzzing with an incoming text. It is Paolo Rocca, a friend of Jade’s that was at the Classy Moon too on Friday. Paolo texts him that he is impressed with Equinus’ ability to entertain and dance the night away. He and his friends are interested in knowing whether Equinus wants to join the Partihaus club.


This would mean getting closer to Jade without feeling much pressure for he believes she is a member too. Equinus feels playful enough to accept Paolo’s invitation. Not long after Equinus receives a text with an invite to a Partihaus club gathering at the Narwhal Arms in Windenburg later that day. Although he feels kinda tired, he doesn’t want to spoil a good party and agrees to meet the club members there.

01-13-16_12-59-45 AM.png

It is only at the club gathering Equinus realizes he just entered a club where he has the hots not for a member, but for the club leader! But he will not let that spoil his playful mood. Instead, he tries to act casual and spends some time bonding outside with the male members, Paolo and Marcus.

2016-01-13 (1).png

While heading inside Marcus says to Equinus it is such a coincidence meeting him yesterday at the Classy Moon at lunchtime and now welcoming him in the Partihaus club. Equinus is happy he can act like himself around these guys. With ladies, he tends to overthink things and doing too much effort, which almost always backfires right away.

01-13-16_11-29-44 PM.png

Secretly Equinus watches Jade from the side of the dance floor. She shows off some great moves. If only he could muster up enough courage to start a conversation with her without looking like a fool.

01-13-16_11-36-22 PM.png

Equinus romantic bone senses the mood in the club is getting a bit flirty during the course of the gathering. Right, then Jade is about to order a drink at the bar. He feels it would not seem weird now to perhaps make a move. Hopefully, this will warm Jade into coming to his manor tomorrow evening as agreed. As he tries not to overthink this whim and walks up to her, Equinus is sure he sees Jade glance his way in a very seductive manner. It is now or never!

01-13-16_11-48-42 PM.png

Equinus first makes a flirtatious joke which is answered by a big warming smile on Jade’s face.

01-14-16_12-00-31 AM.png

Then Equinus throws in a bold question to which Jade’s eyes give a more in-depth answer than she might have wanted to give. Jade starts blushing straight away.

2016-01-13 (2).png

Then when Equinus tries a pick-up line, Jade looks exhilarated. Equinus notices Paolo listening in while ordering a drink at the bar. When Paolo walks off heading to Marcus on the other side of the room, he gives Equinus a meaningful look and grin.

01-14-16_12-03-11 AM.png

Although Equinus is on a roll, he realizes he needs to head home for it is getting late. “Better leave on a high note and make sure Jade is craving for more.” He reckons, followed by a more insecure: “It is up to me to change the monster into a magnet in time for a romantic candle lit dinner tomorrow evening.” He then leaves his friends with a newly learned handshake and heads home feeling satisfied with his first official gathering with the Partihaus club.

The next day Equinus returns home from work wearing a big smile on his face. Today he has gotten that desired promotion. He makes it to office assistant of the accounting department at Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe Incorporated! If only this evening will be as successful as his day has proven thus far, he and Jade will definitely hit it off. Not only that, he will sweep her off her pretty little feet, for that he is certain! But first, he makes sure the bills get paid although it pains him to see such a chunk of his allowance go.

01-14-16_2-37-31 AM.png

After the mail is sorted Equinus takes a long, steamy shower and just for the occasion decides to wear a bit more formal attire. He hopes to present himself as the distinguished master of the manor. He also decides to be frank and have his baldness out in the open, exposed.

01-14-16_2-59-36 AM.png

Equinus is busy with dinner when the doorbell rings. “Ah, that will be Jade. She is early.” Equinus sighs happily as he leaves his dinner preparations and walks upstairs to greet her. Equinus walks Jade to the downstairs living room, turns a record on and brings her an appetizer.

01-14-16_3-13-03 AM.png

Then Equinus finishes the dinner preparations and setting the dining room table. When dinner is served, Equinus tells Jade of his promotion. It is then he finds out that Jade is a co-worker at Dewey, Cheatem and Howe Inc. She is an office assistant to the marketing department. They enjoy their dinner together while blissfully chit-chatting away. After their dessert, Equinus shows Jade the Manor. He finishes the tour by taking Jade up to the first-floor balcony. It gives a great view in the moonlight plus he placed a cold bottle of champagne there earlier.

Things should definitely be looking up for Equinus soon. As long as he remembers to not be too eager and take things slow. “Remember what Viela said… Let them come to me. There is no need to rush in head first like I did with Judy.” Equinus tries to restrain himself. But he is so infatuated with Jade that he finds himself wondering what being her boyfriend would feel like.

01-14-16_3-34-26 AM.png

Then Jade gets up and cheerfully says to him: “I had such a wonderful evening, Equinus. Good to see a man cook, dance ánd romance like a champ. I have to get going now, but we should really do this again!” Equinus is so happy to hear Jade say this. He gets off his chair and holds her in a warm embrace.

01-14-16_2-15-13 PM.png

“Indeed we should, Jade, I agree!”, he replies. He can’t help but feel the urge to kiss her. He holds back and doesn’t go for that kiss right now. Instead, he walks her to the door and watches her as she gets in her car. He is rewarded for she blows him a kiss as she drives off. Equinus leaves the dishes and goes straight to bed. He is in a hurry to start a brand new day in the hopes it will be as sweet as today has been to him.


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.9 – In da haus

  1. sabreene says:

    What a step for him, leaving his hat off! I really love that — it goes a step farther than him standing up for himself in the last chapter… like he’s accepting who he is and coming into his own!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily Anne says:

    Oooooh, I hope that Eeq forming a relationship with Jade doesn’t hurt his friendship with the rest of the Partihaus members… but from the sounds of it it probably won’t be a problem! I am still a little unsure about Jade… poor Eeq is so hopelessly romantic! Haha, but she is seeming a little better than when she stood him up!


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