Chapter 1.8 – Three strikes, out?

Equinus feels he enjoyed a great weekend. He has finished his chores and he sure feels lucky with that Friday night out. Now his first weekend in freedom has come to an end. Another week has just started.

01-11-16_9-59-56 PM.png

All he needs is a brisk shower before going to work energized.

01-11-16_10-08-22 PM.png

While at work Equinus gets a call from Maaike Haas, one of the ladies he gave his phone number to at the nightclub. She asks him to meet her for lunch at the Classy Moon.

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Equinus is delighted to realize just being blunt enough to give his number out, pays off so soon. Even though he questions if he can have a proper lunch there, he is eager to give it a try, maybe a little too eager. When they meet Maaike tells him a little about herself, like the fact she is into console games.

2016-01-11 (5).png

On a whim and not after a joke or two Equinus starts flirting with Maaike. At first, she seems to reply pleasantly to his advances.

2016-01-11 (6).png

Equinus invites Maaike inside once he has spotted a menu with tasty snacks praised. Once inside he orders a pita and hummus tapas.

01-11-16_10-40-07 PM.png

Once their order is served Equinus and Maaike share the tapas together. Maaike thinks the hummus is too spicy. Equinus does not agree and feels she is exaggerating.

01-11-16_10-46-17 PM.png

Equinus learns Maaike is creative, single ánd a writer at Walrus Books in Newcrest though living in Windenburg. He is quite impressed and flattered at the same time. “How wonderful this independent girl is for asking me out. I hope we have a bit more in common, though I will not let anyone come too close too fast again.”, Equinus ponders while they also have a chat with other guests at the bar. Again Equinus is so worried about what might or might not be with Maaike. This despite the fact that the conversation is quite lighthearted. If only he could lighten up himself.

01-11-16_10-56-20 PM.png

Maaike seems to loose eyes and ears for him soon though so Equinus has fun talking to a guy named Marcus instead. He spends some more time talking and forgetting the time before he thinks of heading back to the office. Alas because of his reservations towards Maaike, the goodbyes between her and Equinus are only lukewarm. Before Equinus is out the door, he bumps into some woman he met on his recent night out also.

01-11-16_11-03-57 PM.png

He only now gets her full name to learn this sim is called Nina Caliente, like Judy a resident from Oasis Springs. Equinus feels he has really got to get back to work and therefore says goodbye to Nina. He travels back to the office in a hurry…

He doesn’t get back to the office in time after lunch and all Equinus’ extra efforts of the last week on the job have been for nothing. When he gets home, he changes into his everyday attire and starts filing those reports again to get his job performance back up. Just as Equinus is finished and wants to grab a much-needed bite, he gets a text from a girl that definitely caught his attention last Friday. Equinus can’t resist her text and replies accepting her invitation.


He agrees to meet Jade at a bar in Windenburg on bear night? Once Equinus arrives at the Old Quarter Inn he isn’t all too scared of all the bears flocking to the bar. After all, he is used to wildlife from his youth spent in the woods. He is however disappointed to not find Jade Rosa there already waiting for him. “I expected her here already. She did say she lives here, right? Ah well, I’ll go have a quick look inside and wait for her outside with a drink afterward.”, Equinus ponders.

01-12-16_2-41-23 PM.png

But Equinus waits and he waits, talks with a passing bear or two on their way to the bear night at the bar. One of the bears he talks to is some elderly that he has the funniest yet oddest conversation with.

2016-01-12 (1)

2016-01-12 (2)

Thus a half hour and another hour pass by, but no Jade Rosa is showing up. Equinus is feeling very disappointed. He brings his glass back to the bar and pities his poor performances with the ladies up to this point. He hopes his luck will change soon enough.

01-12-16_2-49-11 PM.png

He doesn’t want to wait in vain or stay at that bar any longer. Equinus walks outside and goes home in a hurry. He grabs the first cab he comes across.

01-12-16_4-07-06 PM.png

When curling up in bed at the manor, he thinks he will not soon accept some random invitation from a lady again. So far they proof to be too snooty or who knows what for his taste, for sure! In the night restless dreams follow, carrying ghosts from the past.

2016-01-12 (3).png

The next morning Equinus realizes he hasn’t at all had a good night’s sleep. He is also famished and needs to get to work in time. “Better get cracking and shake this sadness that seems to wanna find its way in!”, Equinus motivates himself when getting out of bed.

2016-01-12 (4).png

With that relentless positivism of Equinus, he keeps on going without slacking too much after all. It is what has kept him sane during the years with his grandparents and it proofs to be a handy character trait ever since.

He has such a good day at the office, he feels confident he might still gain a promotion soon. When Equinus arrives home, he knows it is time for chores that he just can not neglect. He starts watering the plants again, though sometimes he wonders why for he isn’t much of a gardener. Afterward, he does some more menial tasks and finally spends some time snacking in front of the tv. It is then he gets another text from Jade. Again she asks him to meet somewhere, this time, the Von Haunt Estate’s Chalet Gardens. Equinus is surprised to hear from here again so soon after she stood him up at that bar in Windenburg. He is not sure how to react at first.

2016-01-12 (6).png

Equinus likes this girl, but he will not be treated like a nobody again. So he musters up all the courage he has and replies by calling Jade immediately. Once she answers the phone, Equinus rants: “Look, Jade, I know I am kinda clueless. It has treated me well over the years, but what kind of fool do you think I really am? I must decline your invitation. If you want to meet again, sure, I’ll bite. But this time, I will be the one inviting. You come have dinner with me here at the Mezilkree Manor. Show me what you are really made of? Will you accept this challenge or would you rather I spend another night waiting for you somewhere outdoors instead? Meet me here Thursday at eight. I will text you my address. Then I can at least wait for you in the luxury of my own home!”. Jade is as surprised as Equinus has been over getting her text ánd his confidence to rant to her like he just did. It is probably this element of surprise also that makes Jade answer as follows: “Well, eh… if you put it like that. Hm, you do that then! Send me that address soon and I see you Thursday. Bye…”.

01-13-16_12-07-27 AM.png

Before Equinus can reply, Jade hangs up. Leaving Equinus to wonder whether he will actually be seeing Jade this Thursday.


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 1.8 – Three strikes, out?

    1. Twiggy says:

      It was funny and kind of surprising to me. never happened before but must have been some sort of glitch because the game really made her not show up for that date haha


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