Chapter 1.7 – A night out

“Hello, mister Mezilkree, young sir! What can i do for you this evening?”, Equinus hears mister Viela on the other end of the line. “Hello, I hope i am not interrupting anything, mister Viela, but i was wondering where you would send a young lad looking for a good time on a Friday night? This may be an odd question, but i am not known to the venues in these parts nor do i know of anyone else informing me about this, since i don’t know many sims yet.”, he shyly explains the reason for his call as he walks along the street without even paying attention to so much as traffic.

01-08-16_1-25-46 AM.png

The coincidence!”, the lawyer replies elated. “I have just now sent my driver to the Mezilkree Manor to fetch you. I reckoned you could do with a night out. Glad you agree! You can inform me of your settling in at the manor while we have a drink. Oh, and we will work on that not knowing many sims.”, Viela continues with laughter in his voice.

Equinus explains the lawyer that he is not at the manor, but outside a bar in Oasis Springs. “Oh my, not Rattlesnake Juice, is it? That place is no good, Equinus, far too dull! I will have my driver turn around and pick us both up. Shouldn’t be too long. You can wait in the lounge down the street perhaps, the Solar Flare. It is at least a bit more classy. I’ll see you there soon, tata!”, mister Viela concludes, ending their conversation.

01-08-16_1-30-23 AM.png

“Glad I am not meeting Viela back in that bar with Judy. Need not see her for a while. I want to oblige, uncle. Nothing else to do now though but wait. Pfft, I don’t like waiting. Well, I don’t like moping either! Ah, here is the lounge.”, Equinus says aloud as he enters the door to the Solar Flare.

Once inside Equinus heads up the stairs and somewhat hesitantly orders a drink at the bar. He agrees with himself he shouldn’t be downing them the way he did on his birthday. He remembers all too well how unpleasant that made him feel the following morning.

01-08-16_1-35-18 AM.png

After his drink is served he looks around the place. There are not many guests. Two men are sitting at the bar. They really seem to hit it of, Equinus reckons. Then he spots a comedienne in the corner of the lounge. The remaining customers are flocked around her. He heads up and walks to the corner to hear if the woman is any good.

01-08-16_1-41-47 AM.png

Equinus thinks her jokes are awful, though. Just superficial puns, nothing fancy. She makes him wish he would be somewhere else then this dull place. Thankfully he then spots mister Viela’s driver at the stairs. The man motions him to come his way and leads him to the lawyer’s car.

When Equinus is seated, Viela informs him they will drive straight back to Newcrest. He knows thé place to be there for good times. Not too long after the men arrive at their destination. “Not like Oasis Springs, now is it?”, Viela says.

01-09-16_1-24-41 AM.png

He continues: “Only good things there are the spa, oh, and the bakery for it’s sugary treats, just so you know. Then this, HA! This is the ‘Classy Moon’, Equinus. Ah, the hours i spent here smooching ladies at the bar. Cool place to observe people and entertain yourself while at it.” he smiles as they walk to the bar inside. A good thing since Equinus is sure he needs a little diversion. He intends to have some serious fun for a change. As they order their drinks mister Viela says he would like to hear how things are faring for Equinus at the manor.

01-09-16_1-49-21 AM.png

Equinus tells the lawyer of his new job and the effort he has been putting in. He also tells about Judy while trying to be a tough guy. He concludes that she was some cougar who was just alluring and out to gain status through him, so he ditched her to make room for potential mothers to be. Mister Viela starts laughing out loud: “Good for you, though this is no interrogation, Equinus! I am merely wondering how you are doing”, he says clearly amused yet also trying to relax the poor guy next to him. “I thought you wanted to have a good time, man? Common, lets down our drinks and check out the dance floor upstairs afterwards.”, Viela continues still snickering.

When Equinus gets upstairs there is already a small crowd on the dance-floor. He feels kinda shy but believes he should get out there if he is to learn to win someones heart. For now, that just means he needs to get into this party vibe going on in the upstairs room of the nightclub. And so Equinus stands on the dance-floor and somewhat cautiously starts to move his body to the beats.


Though as soon as Equinus starts letting loose, he sees sims flocking to the bar for a fill-up or dancing on the side of the room. “What is it that I always scare people away without even talking? I am a fool just leaving Judy there in that bar. No other will want to even look or let alone dance with the likes of monstrous me.”, he inwardly despises his appearance.

01-11-16_3-30-04 PM.png

“What was I thinking, that I would just fit in here?!”, What a joke he thinks he is. While pitying himself, Equinus is happy to see that Viela walks up the stairs and though somewhat uncomfortable joins him. They are at least both enjoying the music. Oh, Equinus should do just fine. Mister Viela is right there, it is a nice place to spend some time. If only Equinus would be able to relax a bit more and not feel so exposed while enjoying even a simple dance.

2016-01-11 (2)

But before long he just throws any objections overboard he might have for not having that good time he needed. Swinging the night away and talking to anyone who will let him. He is really letting go for the very first time in his life, feeling more confident through mister Viela’s presence and reassurance.

01-11-16_4-57-23 PM

So he chats with some ladies and really no longer thinks of what they might think of him. He will first have to think highly of any lady interested before he will be bothered again, he agrees to himself.

01-11-16_4-53-11 PM.png

Yet he seems to end the night with several potential friends met and his phone number shared with a lady here or there throughout the evening.

01-11-16_5-00-27 PM

When dropping Equinus off at home, Viela tells him he had a wonderful time and great laughs too. Equinus agrees to meet up with the lawyer again next Friday.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.7 – A night out

  1. sweetnightingale H. says:

    Poor guy, always so self-conscious of his looks. 😦 I hope he can find someone who will look beneath the surface and understand what a great guy he is. Glad he had a great time out with Mr. Viela. Perhaps he’ll have a friend and mentor as they grow closer. I had to laugh when Equinus was trying to be a tough guy about the Judy situation. He had to find some way to save face, after all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily Anne says:

    I am glad that Eeq finally let loose and had some fun! I was worried for a bit when he was on the dance floor by himself. Viela is a great guy for helping Equinus out, and he seems like a pretty great wingman if Eeq picked up a couple phone numbers 😉


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