Chapter 1.6 – Plan b

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Equinus just barely gets up early enough to get himself ready and be on time for work. On returning home he heads straight to his office. He diligently starts writing his reports for the day in the hope his superior notices these efforts. With all that extra work he puts in he feels he should be granted a promotion soon.

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With the reports done though, Equinus needs first enjoy his weekend! It is Friday night and he should get out of the house. To top that off he is feeling flirty tonight. But first some supper would be in order!

After grabbing a quick bite to eat Equinus checks his phone for messages. Disappointed there is still not even a text from Judy he decides to call her one more time.

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This time there is an answer. “Hello, Judy?”, Equinus immediately asks. He continues after Judy confirms it is: “I was wondering whether i can see you again? Been meaning to go out tonight and thought you might want to join me… if you are free of course.” His proposition is followed first by a silence, then a “I guess that’s alright. Can you meet me in Oasis Springs? That would be convenient for me.”, Judy answers.

Though Equinus does find Judy’s reaction aloof, he is happy to get a reaction at all at this point. “Sure, tell me where and when. I will be there.”, he answers. They agree to meet at a bar in Oasis Springs called the Rattlesnake Juice. On arriving Equinus feels Judy is looking marvelous. But Judy is acting somewhat superciliously when they meet in front of the bar.

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Equinus also ascertains that Judy is not pregnant at all. But what had he done wrong? Again Equinus is riddled with questions he himself has no answers to. He turns to Judy, but she is already on her way inside. When drinks are ordered, she watches the TV mounted on the wall. She seems to want to make it hard for Equinus to get a proper conversation going.

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He sits besides Judy, but doesn’t get any reaction up to the point where it is driving him crazy. Equinus decides to just be blunt and confront her with his questions and mixed feelings over her actions. “Judy, you dó realize i asked you to hang out tonight to talk, right? I don’t want to be blunt, but feel i need to here. I thought we had a good time together? I know i did! Furthermore I thought you would be bearing child. I want children in my life, you know? the past few days I feel you are toying with me like one would a voodoo doll, Judy.”, Equinus concludes.

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“No, no, of course it is not like that.”, she replies obviously not at ease or perhaps thinking of totally different things. After a small pause she continues with a sigh: “Oh, I’ll better just get it out of my system. Yes, i came on too strong! I am sorry. I needed a pick me up to be honest. I have just gone through a rough divorce. I have been staying a while with my sister and her husband in Willow Creek till i could find my own place. Since i am a gardener by profession i made myself useful as a volunteer at the communal garden where we met. I have found my own place now, be it humble, here in Oasis Springs.”, she says.

Then she continues in a more sweet though serious voice: “Sweet Equinus, you are a fine young lad, but you do know i am quite some years ahead of you, right? I am already on the road to my elderly years. I mean, common, you weren’t really planning to spend your days with a cougar, now did you?”. Equinus is flustered; uncertain of what to think. He didn’t realize that. He feels betrayed. “So just feed me to the cowplant, why don’t you!?! Where is all this leading too, Judy?”, he says agitated while he makes wild hand gestures and clenches his fists like a little kid would when being denied something it wants.

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Judy reacts determined to get her point across: “Look, don’t be so darn childish, Equinus. When I noticed you were trying for baby in that hot tub I had to make a decision. Sure, it was kinda delightful, so no, i didn’t interrupt. But sadly enough, i can not get pregnant anymore. That is exactly why my marriage didn’t last. Like i said i am well in my adult years. I didn’t want to crush your feelings, so i kept it to myself.”

She then continues: “No, i want you to have a career, he said. Sure, we can wait with trying to get pregnant, he said. It was all a sham, Equinus! That mean old bastard of an ex just traded me in for some young floozy that ís still able to grant him children! I am so pissed.” Equinus eyes widen with the sudden ferocity with which Judy speaks about her past marriage.

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“Excuse me, i mean, don’t get me wrong. I really think you are sweet, but i am not capable of bearing child anymore nor will i ever want to commit to a man that does want children! All í want, now that my divorce is final and i have my own place, is some peace and quiet and the occasional woohoo.”

“You are ever so welcome to step in for the latter, cause oh my, you are ever so romantic and delish though somewhat inexperienced. But somehow i sense that is not what you are looking for, am i right, honey? Even if it is to learn a trick or two?”, Judy then calmly and even somewhat seductively ends her narrative.

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Obviously overwhelmed with Judy’s candor Equinus silently sits next to her for a minute. He then composes himself and turns to Judy. “Well then, lovely Judy, maybe our paths will cross again. But for now, i guess, i bit off a bit more then i can chew. I need time to process all this.”, he tries saving himself out of an awkward situation. Yes, the woohoo with Judy felt real good and he wouldn’t mind doing it again to get some practice… but with his hopes on making his uncle proud with a possible baby on the way crushed, he can not be with Judy at this point in time.

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As he gets up from the couch, Judy says she will pick up the tab for she is planning on staying at the bar a while longer. Before Equinus is well out the door, Judy is talking animated with another guest at the venue. When outside Equinus doesn’t feel like going home yet. “Where to go now, though?”, he ponders. He looks at his phone when he spots the telephone number of mister Viela, the lawyer. He will surely know where to have a good time and meet some ladies to make him forget all about Judy!

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After all the night is still young…

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 1.6 – Plan b

  1. sweetnightingale H. says:

    Awww, I feel,for them both. It’s tough when you realize your age and certain things in life have passed you by. 😦 Hopefully, Equinus can find someone new and the heartache can lessen. Hahaha, loved the line about the cow plant. Cracked me up. Hehehe. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mastress Alita says:

    I always felt bad for Judy. My sister and I are both people that just don’t want kids, this is something we just know about ourselves, and it has caused a lot of strife… especially for my sister (I’m Ace and not really in the dating scene as a result). Her and her partner though… the kid thing really became an issue. He was just convinced that one day she’d “change her mind” and she really had to get through to him, “No, no I’m not, this is me, and if you can’t accept this about me, and having kids is more important to you, we need to part ways now before this relationship goes further.” In the end though, he decided he loved her more. But it really can be a huge issue, so it always really panged at my heart Judy was left not once, but twice, just because she can’t have kids. -_-;;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Yh, in Eeq’s defence, what did he know? He just came crawling out the woods and had some hard wood he wanted to share with the world 😉 Just kidding, I agree, though. It is just that I had to give Judy a way out of the story. :S
      After the hack and restart I couldn’t get myself to bring Judy in the mix again. She and Eeq already had a kid who I totally adored in the lost save. I was selfish. I didn’t want another kid with them that would never be Xurbo (the kids name). I lost my save right after they had woohoo’d for the first time 😦 That is one of the main reasons I don;t play far ahead anymore haha

      Liked by 1 person

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