Chapter 1.5 – Staying busy

Feeling great about his dinner-date with Judy Equinus starts a new day. It is his first as a mailroom technician. All goes well for the first day at the job; no accidents happen. When Equinus comes home he feels inspired to grill something more nutritious than just mere cholesterol for a change.

10-10-15_10-03-28 PM.png

When he is finished with dinner he heads inside. Equinus must try his best to get a promotion at the office. He will need to pay his first bills sooner than he might like and he wants to enjoy that allowance of his as long as possible. So up to his office, he goes to get some work done.

11-06-15_9-05-24 PM.png

Afterward, Equinus heads downstairs and sits on the stool behind the piano. Unwittingly his fingers try to play romantic tunes, but Equinus finds he will need a lot more practice to be able to impress anyone yet.

10-10-15_10-10-49 PM.png

He stops and raises himself from behind the piano. Feeling tired from a first day’s work he heads to bed. The following day Equinus feels confident he is on the right track. Again he does his best to eat a bit less fatty food. Who knows what has gotten into him. When enjoying his breakfast Equinus thinks of Judy: “I should really give Judy a call today. See how she is doing. I can take her to that park i crossed on my birthday perhaps?”

10-10-15_10-38-20 PM.png

Equinus calls Judy as soon as he arrives back from work. There is no answer. Later that same day he tries again, but once more Judy doesn’t answer. “Hmm, then I must not try again, at least until tomorrow.”, he ponders after putting his phone down.

10-10-15_1-22-32 AM.png

He then decides to get to work first and tidy up around the house after. He really needs to learn to clean up after himself. I mean playing in puddles is all good fun, especially for a big goof like Equinus, but he really doesn’t want to live his life in squalor.

01-01-16_3-38-09 PM

01-01-16_3-38-36 PM

Though Equinus is not the neatest of person, he sure isn’t as messy as his living next of kin. He remembers vividly how he hates it to be in and around the living quarters of his grandparents. The smell there can be called nothing but nauseating. Equinus is determined to not ever let it get that far in his home and so he dutifully continues his chores.

01-01-16_3-40-19 PM

01-01-16_3-34-10 PM

01-01-16_7-52-59 PM.png

When Equinus feels content about his day’s work, he continues to prepare his supper. While enjoying a microwave dinner in the dining he realizes his life in the mansion might not all be easy as he originally thought.

01-01-16_8-04-42 PM.png

“There are still cobwebs and more here that I apparently missed on my cleaning spree.”, Equinus realizes when his eyes wander across the room. He has done enough chores for today, though, he reckons and thus he carelessly leaves his dinner plate on the bar as he gets up and heads over to the lounge.

01-01-16_8-10-20 PM.png

Equinus can’t help but feel somewhat lonesome. He tries not giving in to the urge to call Judy again. “If she had a good a time like I had, shouldn’t she be wanting to call me too? No, I’m not calling her again! I said I’ll give it a day. I can do that!”, he hears himself speak out loud. He continues mumbling a lot less loud: “This ain’t no good. There must be something to distract me in this enormous home. I’ll go have a look. I know I haven’t seen everything yet and I better get to know my way around the mansion. Then I know where to find things since I’m here to stay.” And so he leaves the room to explore the basement.

01-01-16_8-12-34 PM.png

He walks into a gym with swimming pool and adjoining bathroom that even holds a sauna. Equinus immediately understands why is uncle always looked so fit and well toned on his brief visits to the woods.

Equinus steps out the bathroom after a pit-stop and walks into the gym again. Across the room, Equinus finds a library with no less than four rows of bookshelves divided over two isles. He walks down one of the isles and seats himself down to read a random book.

01-01-16_8-49-56 PM.png

Equinus wants to keep his mind busy. Reading is how he has always solved internal issues and how he made sure he was out of harms way. Reading about other people’s problems and there decisions, be it fiction or nonfiction, makes him feel better about his own. Though after finishing a single chapter, Equinus decides to put the book away and head downstairs to check out the first basement floor of the mansion.

01-01-16_9-05-54 PM.png

When coming downstairs Equinus feels his eyes dropping to a close. It is an early day again tomorrow. His promotion will not present itself when he is lazying about and staying up late before work. He thinks it would be smart to call it a day before exploring more of the lowest floor of the basement and immediately bows off to his bedroom. When his head gently touches his pillow, Equinus can’t help but think about Judy and the way she makes him feel.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5 – Staying busy

  1. sabreene says:

    I enjoyed getting to see a little “day in the life” of Equinus. Also, I loved how this chapter gave us more of an in-depth look into his mansion. Such a wonderful build! Those cobwebs are a really nice touch!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sweetnightingale H. says:

    Wow! That really is some house! What a lucky guy you are, Equinus. I loved how we got to see a more Indepth look at it and to just see Equinus live a day in the life free of job responsibilities and such.

    Hmmm…wonder what’s up,with Judy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cuddles says:

    Oh Equinus, I know that feeling. You really just want to reach out to the person that makes you feel special but you also don’t want to come across as a nuisance. You just hope that they feel strongly enough to reach out to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      It does sound like you’re all that familiar with that feeling. I hope all has worked out for the best, though. It’s important to stay true to your feelings and advance despite or because of em. 🙂 And who knows where Equinus might end up on his journey 😉


      1. Simsophonique says:

        I am slow to read but I do it when I can. For instance currently I can’t I had to reinstall vista , I am just here to reply my comments. You are welcome. I like gameplay based story. They are simple to understand and we can say a lot about.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Emily Anne says:

    Aww Equinus is in LOVE ❤ Now if only Judy would call him back… that gives me a bit of an icky feeling. Hopefully she was just away from her phone. I would be so sad to see Eeq get his heart broken. He is really growing on me!!

    Liked by 1 person

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