Chapter 1.4 – Chasing tail

Equinus is content with his achievements of the day. In the knowledge he still has another day before work starts, he heads in. Tomorrow he will prepare for work a bit and maybe have a look if that gardener will be working again.

10-10-15_2-22-21 AM.png

In the morning Equinus heads out to the communal garden to get a glimpse of Judy who made him feel so welcome in the neighborhood. On his way over feeling all fresh and dressed sharp Equinus runs into quite a looker so he thinks. He is too shy to even look straight at her.

10-09-15_5-07-22 PM.png

She on the other hand stops Equinus and asks him if he is related to mister Umbrage. Equinus replies somewhat timid and surprised: “Yes, i am his nephew though my dear uncle died over a month ago. I am Equinus Mezilkree, now living in the mansion. And you are?” The lady condolences him with the loss of his uncle before she introduces herself as Healani.

10-09-15_8-46-15 PM.png

Equinus and Healani spend some pleasantries before she continues her way though not after mentioning they will probably meet again seeing she lives in Willow Creek too. Equinus shyly waves her goodbye. He can’t help but look as she strides off.

10-10-15_12-30-17 AM.png

When Equinus arrives at the communal garden, to his regret Judy is not there. He decides to prepare for work then. “A businessman should have an office, so i better go have a look around for one in the mansion.”, Equinus realizes when arriving home.

10-10-15_8-37-25 PM

Equinus finds a luxurious looking office complete with fireplace and woodworking bench soon enough on the second floor. He looks around, tries different chairs and is lazying about before he finally sits behind the desk and does some research.

10-10-15_8-40-08 PM

When Equinus is getting hungry he walks down to the kitchen. “Why don’t i call Judy? Maybe she would like to have supper here with me, wouldn’t that be great?” Equinus  reaches for the card in his pocket and calls Judy right away.

10-10-15_2-04-50 AM

Judy, feeling frisky, accepts his dinner invitation and rings the doorbel not long after.

10-10-15_8-59-15 PM.png

Equinus opens the door and shows Judy around. First, he is keen on showing her the conservatory. Upon seeing what state the plants are in, Judy jokes flirtatious: “Oh my, i see your garden does need some tender love and care.” Then she continues with an enticing singing voice: “Let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees, the moon up above and a thing called love.” As she is singing she gently moves her shoulders and sways her hips. Equinus doesn’t know how to act, sweat breaking out, so he bluntly offers Judy to head to the kitchen to enjoy their supper.

10-10-15_9-05-38 PM.png

Of course, be it Equinus, he serves one of his cholesterol filled meals. Burgers this time, though Judy doesn’t seem to mind. She happily flirts and chats away while he is munching away with vigor again.

10-10-15_9-12-28 PM.png

At first Equinus has no idea how to act around Judy. She is so nice and clearly into him. “How does one go from here to get to that propagation my uncle wants me involved in?”, he wonders. After dinner they head over to the living room and listen to some tunes. When Judy is telling Equinus about her work and giving advice in tending one’s garden, Equinus hesitantly though determined makes his move to get closer to her.

10-10-15_9-33-41 PM

Judy reacts very willingly and it is then Equinus’ confidence grows. On a romantic whim he boldly suggests to enjoy spending some time in the hot tub together.

10-10-15_9-35-57 PM.png

Judy accepts so she follows Equinus downstairs to the adjoining bathroom to Equinus’ bedroom. When in the tub Judy is assertive, leans in and kisses Equinus.

10-10-15_9-46-57 PM.png

Equinus then is so overwhelmed! He totally lets his romantic side take over. No better time than the present. Right there, right then he feels so warm. Hot even… and thus the propagation commences between the two.

10-10-15_9-49-57 PM.png

Let us give them some privacy for now, viewers.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.4 – Chasing tail

    1. Twiggy says:

      Aww, it’s always bittersweet hearing bout Judy and nooboo… I lost my save during that time due to a hack. I was so far ahead in the save and he did have a child with her but i had to start all over 😦


      1. Simsophonique says:

        I felt you are enjoying your story and playing with a troll is so fun. I also have got non human sims in my current story. I don’t play with them because I have a hundred of sims made for the sims 3 but I love them anyways.
        I started over also my game many times. I just hate that because of the corruption on the save or because of bugs/lags.

        Liked by 1 person

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