chapter 1.3 – Settling in

With an incredible appetite after a day entertaining himself at the mansion Equinus fires up the BBQ and grills some burgers as the evening is setting in. He eats one after another with vigor and delight.

10-10-15_1-42-00 AM.png

Though he is still saddened  by the loss of his uncle, the thought of starting a life here doesn’t seem all that bad to Equinus. He still can’t believe he has this giant allowance to his disposal and a mansion to die for. Though with that propagation in the back of his mind also he hopes he can make his uncle proud. When he thinks of the beautiful women he has seen on Tv and on the streets here too, it all feels quite vertiginous to him. Then again, the troll girls in school always found him alluring so why not these city women? When he finishes the plate of burgers, Equinus walks inside and fiddles some on the piano to find some distraction.

10-10-15_10-10-49 PM.png

It is then when he reminds himself of the letter to his uncle. He had totally forgotten about it in his childish enthusiasm over this new place to call home far away from what used to keep him down in the woods. Now all of a sudden the letter given to him by mister Viela is burning a hole in his pocket. Equinus reaches for the envelope and opens it straight away. It reads as follows,

Dear Kurzol,

It is, with the pregnancy coming to a close and the babies birth pending, I write you this letter. I need to know everything will go as planned.

I know you always had my back and always will, my dear brother. Though I am worried now. I am in great pains during this pregnancy. I wonder sometimes, though not up to me, whether intercourse with a green has been the right tactic. There is a life growing inside of me now and I have fallen for Lakzor, brother! We are aligned. I am so thrilled though in agony still. How will this child feel when it discovers we will be observing it for its entire life to come?

I love my unborn baby so much already. I do not want to see it hurt in any way. We may need for this though to raise the child in natural surroundings to be able to observe all possible outcomes. No suspicions may be raised within the green community. Therefor, our base will remain in the woods. We will try and get to you in Willow Creek with the baby as soon as possible for a first check-up. Keep me posted about possible new developments or directives from home.

Love always,


“No way, this is posted from my mother to my uncle!” Equinus exclaims though feeling a little undefined after reading the letter. In succession he thinks of what his mother might have meant with ‘a check up’ and ‘observing him’. But his romantic nature immediately disregards any doubts that might occur and thinks she must have meant she wanted to show her new baby off to her brother and would keep a good eye on her offspring. She would be the only one that would have, Equinus believes strongly. After reassuring himself quite easily, Equinus decides it is time to call it a day. He finds a good looking pajama in his late uncle’s bedroom… “No, wait, my bedroom” Equinus corrects happily before heading to bed. 

12-16-15_12-26-44 AM.png

Tomorrow he starts making himself, his late mom and uncle proud. He is convinced! “I will surely land a good job and start seeing people and making friends and who knows what else!”, with those comforting thoughts, Equinus dozes off. 

12-16-15_12-33-21 AM.png

The next morning he lazily sleeps in for quite some time. On awakening Equinus feels charged, glowing even.

12-16-15_12-44-18 AM.png

He eats another of his cholesterol filled breakfasts and changes into his everyday wear. Afterward, he is set on getting the same job his uncle did and he checks the job ads for suitable work. The only job he can find though that he can start, without any further questions or credentials asked, is a vacancy for a mailroom technician in the business career. “That will have to do for now. I am sure I will be a firework once I am at the job.”, Equinus is certain. Since the job doesn’t require him to come in for a couple days, he then decides to take a stroll down the street and have a look at his new neighborhood.

10-09-15_3-57-07 PM.png

As soon as Equinus is out the front gate, he passes a lady that comes from the direction of the communal garden behind his mansion. He gives her a shout. When she comes closer to have a chat, she introduces herself as Judy, the gardener there. Equinus and Judy talk very animated, which somehow makes more ladies stop and pinch in though not all as thoughtful as Judy.

10-10-15_12-51-00 AM.png10-10-15_12-53-49 AM.png

Somehow Equinus knows better to respond to the nasty ladies, then the sweet one. With an awkward silence or a silly joke he however unwittingly starts winning Judy’s heart. “Judy is so friendly, the rest may be not so much.”, Equinus feels the more he talks to Judy.

10-10-15_1-29-54 AM.png

When Judy says she needs to leave after quite a while longer, she stops right next to Equinus before walking off with a big smile. “Here is my card in case you need a hand when that garden of yours needs some love.”, she says when winking at him while handing him her card.

10-10-15_1-37-45 AM.png

“What is that warm fuzzy feeling Judy gives when responding to my jokes?”, Equinus is left wandering for more.

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10 thoughts on “chapter 1.3 – Settling in

  1. sweetnightingale H. says:

    Looks like Equinus and Judy are hitting it off nicely. 🙂 Yep, leave the nasty ladies alone and just focus on Judy. Congrats on the new job. Just hang in and work hard, and you’ll be rewarded, Equinus.

    Not sure how I feel about that letter. There’s something going on there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      haha, I’m sneaky that way 🙂 This aspect of the story will be given some airtime later on in the story. The first generations will probably only give bits and pieces though…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Simsophonique says:

    Good idea to wander in Willow Creek , as a troll is has his charm and I am sure Judy and him will have a story together, I don’t know in which nature but it could .
    The blond haired woman seemed disgusting to see him and very annoyed.
    And about the unheritage he’s not the only green baby to have a right on this manor.

    Liked by 1 person

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