Chapter 1.2 – Official business

The morning after his (un)forgettable birthday, Equinus wakes up energized but with a head that is throbbing like mad. To think that somewhere around noon he will be picked up to face mister Viela again and what time is it now!?! So many thoughts and questions at once. “Uch, why now! It must have been too many drinks last night?”, Equinus sighs inwardly as he gets up.

12-10-15_6-51-41 PM.png

What he needs to recover is a good breakfast to get that hangover out the way. He is glad to find a microwave to his disposal in the kitchen and whips up some cholesterol filled meal.

12-10-15_8-36-39 PM.png

As soon as the meal is consumed Equinus gets out of his stale party outfit from the night before. It is then he hears a doorbell resound loudly through the halls. It keeps on ringing consecutively and impatient. Equinus is forced to hurry up. When in the car the driver nods and greets Equinus who replies with a “Uhm… yes, hello, to mister Viela?”. The chauffeur nods at him. The men are both silent the rest of the way to the lawyers home.

12-10-15_10-22-40 PM.png

Mister Viela welcomes Equinus in his home and points him straight to his office. “Care for something to drink, sir?”, he says meanwhile. Equinus declines. Then the lawyer shows Equinus a seat and the two sit down. Equinus finds a package, a letter, some documents and a pen on the table in front of him.

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“Glad you are here, Equinus. Let’s get down to business right away.” Mister Viela says before starting a long statement of facts unknown to Equinus. With that throbbing head of Equinus, not much of the facts land, though.

Mister Viela concludes: “So, we are here to sign the contract I told you about. Feel free to read it before you sign, but be assured there will be nothing in there I haven’t discussed with you already. It all boils down to the following. Make sure you start accumulating enough money to maintain the manor for your initial ánd single allowance will wear out eventually. And, sir, above all do not forget there is a need to propagate! Have enough offspring to thin that green troll bloodline of yours!”, the lawyer says after which he laughs somewhat cynical.

“All is granted yet the baby-making with any green trolls is prohibited. For that matter we would like to discourage having any intercourse what so ever with green trolls in future, no matter what. And last but not least you can not get married until you have at least five children with just as much ladies.”, the lawyer enumerates. Equinus need not ponder over this agreement. Marriage was not on his to do list anyway and anything is better than being back with his grandparents and their troll ways for that matter! Plus he gets to live in that huge mansion of his late uncle. Confident he should also be able to land a proper job Equinus grabs the pen and signs the documents without any hesitation.

“Good, now that you have signed the contract we will put actions in place to formally change the name of Umbrage Manor to the ‘Mezilkree Manor’, mister Viela continues. “And what about this letter and package here?”, Equinus who is clearly curious, asks the lawyer then.

12-10-15_10-41-11 PM.png

“Yes, yes, hmm, well. So sorry… the package is something I will have to scorn my secretary about. This was not meant to be on the table at this point in time. I will get back to you about the package in a later stadium. Don’t worry. The letter, however, is yours for the taking. I urge you to read this when you get back home.”, mister Viela concludes, “for it might give you some insights.” Equinus takes the letter in his hands and looks at it for a moment. The envelope is originally addressed to his late uncle. He then thoughtlessly puts the envelope in his pocket.

“All I can say now, dear mister Viela, is thank you for having me over! I am looking forward to starting my life in Willow Creek. And rest assured I will be sure to put an effort in for the tasks ahead that my uncle Kurzol has laid out for me!” With these words, Equinus gets up from his chair and shakes mister Viela’s hand. The two men say their goodbyes as mister Viela sees Equinus to the door.

12-14-15_2-37-41 PM.png

12-14-15_2-44-44 PM.png

When outside Equinus finds the car is already waiting for him to take him back to Mezilkree Manor. He laughs inwardly by the notion of calling the mansion his own now. “The garden looks great in this light”, he thinks on arrival at the mansion.

10-09-15_4-04-32 PM.png

Comforted by the familiar sounds of flowing water, nesting birds, and happy bees Equinus is distracted by his new surroundings and the accompanying garden’s beauty.

12-15-15_11-01-28 PM.png

10-10-15_8-56-58 PM.png

10-09-15_4-54-14 PM.png

Equinus seems to entertain himself there very well for quite some time, not thinking of any news that was presented to him in the past days.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 1.2 – Official business

    1. Twiggy says:

      Thanks! I really like to explore ways to go. i mean, nothing wrong with stating the rules and living by them but I really wanted to make it a fluid part of the story. Glad it works 🙂

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  1. Emily Anne says:

    Nice! I actually wasn’t aware of any of the prettacy rules before this, you definitely did a really good job of incorporating them in there.

    Oh man, Eeq… hope you can live up to those conditions! Best of luck, I will be rooting for you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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