Chapter 1.1 – New surroundings

Equinus has absolutely no clue of what to think about all this sudden upheaval. Still chewing on the news of his uncle’s passing, he follows mister Viela silently for a good hour or so until they reach the road.

12-07-15_10-10-13 PM

As soon as the pair gets in a waiting car they leave the forest well behind. Equinus spends the entire trip dazed and though mister Viela is talking quite often, Equinus hardly follows a word the man says. After driving for some time he sees the day turn into night. He falls asleep gazing at the stars.

It is early the following morning when the car holds still in front of an amazing home. “Good morning, young sir. This is your stop, Umbrage Manor. Like i told you last night, this is where you will be staying from here on.”, Equinus hears mister Viela say.

12-08-15_12-00-36 AM

“Sorry again we aren’t able to fit in a meeting with you today. But we are glad we were able to get you away from them toxic trolls. On a happier note, young sir, go out on the town tonight to celebrate your birthday! We will meet again tomorrow. I will have you brought to my home-office in Newcrest tomorrow afternoon to get all the papers sorted that i have told you about.”, mister Viela continues to Equinus, who is rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Mister Viela carelessly hands the keys to the manor over to Equinus. “Tomorrow noon, don’t forget. Tata!”, and with those words the lawyer drives off.

12-08-15_10-04-31 PM

After unlocking the front gate Equinus walks into the garden. There he finds a grill by the side of the home, so he decides to whip up some breakfast. Equinus is feeling exhausted even after that uncomfortable rest on the drive over. “Och, i’ll be happy to lie down for a bit, uncle.”, he mumbles only to himself.

12-08-15_9-18-18 PM

When inside Equinus is too overwhelmed with the lavish interiors to endeavor much into the home for now. When he spots a couch in what seems like some sort of formal living room, he seats himself down.

12-07-15_11-42-09 PM

He nestles on the soft couch and it is right then and there Equinus falls into a deep, deep sleep. Hours pass by before he will open his eyes again, dreaming restlessly about all the harsh blows endured in his life up to today.

12-07-15_11-43-38 PM

On awakening Equinus realizes dusk is already setting in. He feels thirsty, so the first thing he does is find the nearest bathroom to quench this thirst. Though when he reaches the bathroom and is confronted with a mirror, he notices his beard has grown heavily among others. He is startled by his own reflection in the mirror.

12-08-15_11-05-38 PM

“Well this is one birthday to forget soon! Pffft”, Equinus mumbles to himself. “Look at yourself! Seems i have gone balder overnight with all these heartaches in my life. All the good people get ripped away.”, he pities his reflection. “No way! You know what, i’ll go out and have a strong beverage while i may and foremost can now! Who needs anyone anyway!”, he says abruptly to this new young adult reflection in the mirror.

With childish fanaticism he storms off. He ventures into the home in search of something different to wear instead of those old rags on his back. On finding and changing into some more suitable attire he sets on his way to the city’s center.

12-09-15_1-06-54 AM.png

Seeing the exterior of The Blue Velvet establishment Equinus is certain his promised drink should be available there. When entering, the place seems lively to Equinus. Though he has no idea how to act among so many normal looking folks and not to mention lovely ladies. He has only seen the likes of those before on the television at his grandparents. Though confident with his new found freedom, he feels he has nothing to loose to begin with. Thus Equinus walks up to the bar and asks politely for the cheapest yet stiffest drink the man has.

12-09-15_1-17-40 AM.png

As soon as he is served, Equinus finds himself sitting all alone at the bar. Do those people want nothing to do with him, or what? The bartender is meanwhile doing his absolute best not to see him at all. Equinus abruptly feels so alone again that he couldn’t care less if everything around him would just resolve into nothing. “Things will never change…”, he ponders silently.

12-09-15_1-24-14 AM.png

Hoping the meeting with the lawyer tomorrow will explain what to do from here while on the other hand his thoughts rest on the words the lawyer had said about him living in that huge house. He gulps his drink way too quickly and orders another and another and then a couple more.

12-09-15_1-33-35 AM.png

The last drink he orders goes straight up to Equinus’ head. He decides it might be best to call it a night. Seeing he doesn’t have any money left, he is forced to walk back to the manor.

12-09-15_1-49-59 AM.png

He hobbles melancholy trough the park somewhat dazed. He still finds a way back to the manor though and claims the first bed he stumbles over which happens to be in the master bedroom. Not knowing or caring what the time is or how his future will be planned for him he nods off.

12-10-15_4-18-24 PM.png

What a day it has been for Equinus. Happy he can put his head on an apparently ultra soft pillow, even if it would just be for a short while. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 1.1 – New surroundings

      1. Simsophonique says:

        Thank you.I was happy with mine 2 month ago Sunday it has been years I couldn’t do anything for. My 28 one was very fine in September. I don’t need friends to be happy. I did what I like , I went to the mini gulf. I am lucky to was born in the very first week of Autumn where some good places are still open to the public.
        My last good birthday was 3 years old I went on hollidays but I was sick all the week long.
        😉 I say no need friends to have a happy life. Just do what you like.

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