Monstrous Mezilkree – from grotesque to gorgeous


Here we gaze upon Equinus Mezilkree, a grand green troll from…



My dear Equinus, don’t you worry, young man. Master & the viewers will try not to call you a troll any longer. I have plans for you and your lineage! But now, let me first bring the viewers up to speed about your beginnings…

Equinus: Suit yourself for I do not feel I have a say in this matter…

Uch, he sure hasn’t had all the luck in life. Equinus never had a fair chance, to begin with, being born into the Mezilkree troll traditions. Born a green troll means being mean spirited and living in forests and mountains. No place for a romantic child at heart, being Equinus. Yes, he loves the foliage, but no trees should ever be so close and with that many that they could be called a forest.

10-14-15_1-05-03 AMEquinus as a teen

No, Equinus takes after his mother, a blue troll. Rocks and stone, wood and metals Equinus loves but used as proper building materials. Not hacked and sliced or carved the way green trolls are used to. Equinus would love to live in a proper city like his uncle, away from all that weighs him down in the woods…

3Agnite Mezilkree-Umbrage (mother)

For Equinus’ mother, blue troll Agnite Mezilkree-Umbrage dies giving birth to her firstborn. Poor boy, his mother was the only one in his family who ever had a family-oriented bone in her body, he believes strongly. It is known blue trolls tend to have a more loving, metropolitan nature to say the least.

4Lakzor Mezilkree (father)

After his mother’s death Equinus’ father, Lakzor Mezilkree, went numb. His father went looking for answers in that darn forest Equinus has come to hate so much. His father was said to have gotten lost in a wide web out there and being a troll and all, never to be heard of again.

10-14-15_1-31-26 AMArghlee and Akzora Mezilkree (grandparents)

As a boy, Equinus clearly loses both parents and is forced to live with his father’s parents, Arghlee and Akzora. He lives all through his adolescent years with his grandparents… no happy dealings there, his grandmother being the meanest. Sure, here you might think, they seem to be loving towards each other so what’s up?

10-14-15_12-50-19 AM

Well, Akzora is the evilest children hating troll you will ever meet, always waiting for another chance to play games on her sole grandson. She always badmouths about his mother and father, giving the boy an odd look on life and love. Akzora sure doesn’t show any maternal feelings towards her next of kin.

10-14-15_12-41-08 AM

As for his grandpap, Arghlee, he’s no better. A strong and jealous slob he is. Always looking buff and smart, though letting his grandson walk around in old rags.

10-14-15_12-52-47 AM

Thank god Equinus’ blue troll heritage keeps sophisticated lil him going. His beloved uncle, older brother to Agnite, Kurzol Umbrage is the most sought after single male amongst the blue trolls. Equinus craves for that kind of recognition in his life.

10-14-15_1-43-08 AMKurzol Umbrage (uncle)

Oh, how Equinus wants to be like his uncle Kurzol, the business mogul; always dressed sharply too. Sharper even than his grandad! Equinus has always looked up to his uncle. Having no kids of his own, his uncle saw Equinus as well, sorta son after Agnite dies. Though he hardly got to see the boy. Kurzol was a top of the bill businessman and lived far away. Yet Kurzol never passed the opportunity to write the boy a letter of his daily dealings. Equinus is never to visit his uncle, however. As you might have figured out, Equinus’ grandparents despise the blue trolls (ánd their offspring).

10-14-15_12-47-04 AM

Then one day… only a day before his young adult birthday no less, when walking home from school a strange looking person unlike any troll he has ever seen approaches Equinus.  The strange man walks up to the teen and introduces himself as his uncle Kurzol’s lawyer, mister Viela.

12-03-15_11-45-33 PM

The lawyer then informs Equinus of the passing of his uncle Kurzol a month earlier. Equinus feels at that point he loses the only occasional ray of light left in his dark day to day life. Believing his world couldn’t get any bleaker, he falls to his knees. Little does he know; his world will be turned upside down in mere minutes. Mister Viela tells the poor lad not to worry but be swift if he wants things to change for himself. Equinus looks up to the lawyer in wonder…

12-04-15_12-07-26 AM

“Let me elaborate”, mister Viela continues: “Your uncle has told me of your grave situation with your grandparents. I have been ordered through his last will to at least get you out of here, no matter what the consequences. You are to follow me to my car on the road not far from here. That will take us to your new home, former Umbrage Manor in Willow Creek, sir. In a few days, it will receive its new name. But come, come, let me tell you all about it later. Bé swift, be very swift!”


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10 thoughts on “Monstrous Mezilkree – from grotesque to gorgeous

    1. Twiggy says:

      Thank you! Always happy to welcome new readers, virtualee. ~passes a cup of tea and muffin to enjoy while binging~ I hope you enjoy and if you have any thoughts, feel free to leave em. 🙂


  1. Melissa Gilbert says:

    My journey on your Male Prettacy begins! Kurzol is quite the snazzy dresser. I’m excited for what the future holds for Equinus. Also, how did you come up with all of the names? (they are definitely unique, I’ve never heard of any of them before).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Hiya, I wish you a good strawl through the founding gen 🙂 The names started with Mezilkree and don’t ask me why it came to me when thinking of a type like Catweazle (if you’re familiar with this OLD TV show lol). I wanted to do a story faintly like it with a gullible protagonist that faces the past and future. A place where sanity and insanity are a lot less apart as you might think. Than I looked for some troll kinda names, like Kurzol. His last name was easy… since the original (Maxis) manor that stood on the family lot is Umbrage Manor in Willow Creek.


  2. sweetnightingale H. says:

    Off we go! What an interesting beginning! I feel so sorry for Equinus. Everyone who ever cared about him is dead. Reminds me a little of Harry Potter. So sad about Kurzol’s death but hopefully with his passing, things will look up for Equinus.

    I loved how in the beginning, Equinus was giving his opinion like he was having a conversation with you. Very cute and s great way to add in some snarky comments. 😀 Love the names, too. Very unique.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mastress Alita says:

    I always really liked the world-building in this prologue! As a fan of the fantasy genre it really drew me in and it was a really clever way of bringing Equinus into the Prettacy “rules” down the road as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Emily Anne says:

    Hey! Dancer-freak from the forum here 😊 I love Equinus so far, I am excited to see how this all unwinds. I think you an awesome job with keeping the tone of the chapter comical, yet serious, which added to my overall enjoyment while I was reading!! And I have to say, I am a sucker for fantasy world’s, so I am really excited to read on 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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